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Scholarship Programme

Uniting people, nations and cultures

Use the power of education to bring together a diverse group of young people so they can become community leaders and find solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems.

It is by educating students from around the world together and uniting them in a common purpose - to be of service to others - that we will fulfil our mission to make education a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Gifts enhance the diversity of UWCSEA and expand the reach of the Scholarship Programme; enabling these experiences to be as rewarding as they can be. Gifts also support future civic leaders through the UWC Refugee Initiative. 

 In 2017/2018, 110 students from 57 different countries are benefiting from a UWCSEA education.




“The education opportunity here has been a transformational one. I’m now more aware of my responsibilities as a global citizen and learned to embrace challenges as an opportunity for further growth. In UWCSEA, a world of infinite opportunities, we all share our different cultures and learn to appreciate others with an open mind.”

Saffa, Scholar from Sierra Leone, Class of 2016


Scholarship Enrichment Opportunities

Gifts allow our scholar community to take part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities that greatly enhance and enrich the UWC learning experience, such as participation in global and local youth conferences and international peace initiatives.

Annual Fund Scholarship

Gifts of any amount can collectively transform the lives of two students with great promise and potential by funding a two-year IB Diploma Scholarship at each UWCSEA campus each year.

Head of College Scholarship

Gifts from a small group of donors can unite together to provide a life-changing IB Scholarship opportunity for a student from a country that is recovering from a disaster, period of civil unrest, political conflict or economic instability.

Three-year Foundation International Baccalaureate (IB) Scholarship

Gifts can enable a promising student, who has come from a disadvantaged background and is still developing their academic ability to join UWCSEA in Grade 10 and complete the IB Diploma programme.

Five-year Scholarship

Gifts support a young student of great potential from a developing country with economic, political or conflict issues to join UWCSEA in Grade 8, and benefit from a fully transformational UWC educational experience.

ASEAN Scholarship

Gifts enable UWCSEA to reflect the influence and diversity of the ASEAN region by supporting promising students from each of the nine ASEAN countries to attend UWCSEA, and a student of great potential from Singapore to attend another UWC around the world. 

UWC Refugee Initiative

Gifts provide a beacon of hope to promising students of refugee or stateless status, enabling them to realise their potential through a transformational UWC education. With over 10 million refugees (and counting) under the age of 18, the UWC Refugee Initiative will change the lives of young people who are determined to see a better future for themselves and their communities. UWCSEA's contribution to this programme is the Kay Everett Scholarship Fund.

Endowed Scholarship

Gifts will enrich the diversity of the College community and change the lives of promising young people for decades to come by funding two-year IB Diploma Scholarships for deserving students from different countries and backgrounds.


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