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Endowment Giving

Securing the long-term future of the College

Gifts to the College’s Endowment Fund help secure the long-term financial security of the College so that future generations can benefit from a UWCSEA education.

The UWCSEA Endowment Fund, a set of pooled assets, is composed of many individual funds and is invested in a purposeful and accountable manner to generate income that will honour the donors’ intended purposes for their gifts. Each year, any remaining income, beyond the annual spending distribution, is reinvested into the endowment, ensuring that its value grows and forever benefits the mission of the College. 

Gifts strengthen the legacy of the College and advance its reputation as a leader in international education.

There are two main ways to support UWCSEA Endowment:

Unrestricted Endowment   This entrusts UWCSEA with the ability to address its most pressing needs within our priorities and provide the resources that allow the College to meet challenges and seize opportunities as they emerge.

Establish a Named Endowment     

There are opportunities to create named endowments that will provide support for a specific project or programme, which aligns with the College's priorities.

"We could be a good international school without an endowment; but a great UWC, with all its real-world scope, challenges, and diversity, must engage the passion and generosity of its community."

Chris Edwards, Head of College


The Endowment Supports

Enriching our community and paving the way for students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds and areas of conflict to develop the skills that true global citizen need to make a difference in this world.

Involving more students in the creation of a future where environmental stewardship becomes a natural way of life.

Providing innovative and inspiring educational opportunities that prepare students to engage with the challenges of their time.

Impact in 2016/2017


Endowment Fund value at 31 July 2017



New gifts and pledges received in 2016/2017



Investment return in 2016/2017 (two-year geometrical average return rate)