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Solar for east microsite - Page 1 - The power of solar


Green issues are the new imperative of the 21st century. UWCSEA issues a rallying call to the community to join forces and help create a more sustainable future.

The College has an exciting programme of initiatives that ensure environmental stewardship is a major part of every child's education and helps create a greener tomorrow.

Solar for UWCSEA is one of the flagship projects, where the whole College community is invited to get involved and help reduce the College’s carbon footprint whilst building the knowledge and passion of the next generation of environmental champions.

Inspired by the successful Solar for Dover programme, the Solar for East project is a student-run initiative to harness the power of the Singapore sun and create clean energy to light up our classrooms.

The Solar for East team is fired up, and excitement is running high. Their goal is ambitious:

installing 1,130 panels.

Click here to help make the Solar for East programme a reality - and a brighter future for all. 

Adopt a panel for $600, or part of a panel from just $100. Donors can customise their panels and invited to clamber up onto the rooftops to help install them.

Fundraising for Phase 1 launched in 2018 and the first batch of installations is planned for early 2019.

"As a UWCSEA student, I passionately endorse the school's mission with its significant focus on renewable energy as a way for us to foster a more sustainable planet. Given the success of the Solar for Dover project in reducing the college's carbon footprint, it is imperative for us to expand it to the East Campus to light even more classrooms - and spark more imaginations!"


Adopt a Solar Panel

Adopt a panel for $600 or part of a panel for $100. Donations can be made by individuals, families, or groups - perhaps as a class gift, community group gift, or in honour of a special event like graduations, birthdays, or in memoriams. 

Celebrating the generosity of our donors is important as it publicly acknowledges these changemakers by not only recognising their contribution to creating a more sustainable world, but also by encouraging others to get involved.

ONLINE: After making a donation to buy a panel, or a part of one, donors are invited to write their name or the name of the group who made the gift. Panels can be personalised with photos or messages.

DONOR WALL ON EAST CAMPUS: Donor name (or group name) will feature on the UWCSEA Donor Wall on the school grounds (and is reproduced online, and in our annual Impact of Giving report).

ON THE ROOFTOPS: Donors are invited to write their name, a message or even draw a picture on their solar panel during the installation event.

Adopt a Panel - Donation form

“My son was working on his Grade 5 expo project and learned of one previous expo project by Raghav Shukla, Class of ‘15 who went on to create the Solar for Dover initiative. The idea that young students could make such a contribution to the school and the environment as a whole made us realise that we too could tackle sustainability.

For his birthday, my son decided to ask for funds to sponsor a solar panel at school. He then added some of his pocket money to complete the sponsorship for a panel. As a family, we adopted a second panel together. The highlight of the solar panel programme was the opportunity to climb on the roof and participate in the installation of panels. Placing panels on the roof was an incredibly simple procedure, yet the impact on the environment is so great.”


Saanjali and Saranya Mathur
Piece by piece, we can make a difference to our collective environment.
The Wolf family
Proud to be supporting a sustainable learning environment at UWCSEA East Campus!
Brownlee Family
Such a great idea. Becoming Net-positive is so important these days.
Dave and Sue Shepherd
Congratulations to the students on a great initiative
Adding color to everyone's life ....
Radikaa Sarathkumar
Radikaa Sarathkumar
Mr Kris Leverton
The Cocks Family
Warm hearts, not planets!
Community Funded
Community Funded
Community Funded
Community Funded
Community Funded
Community Funded
Community Funded
Aadya Navandar
Robert Palmer
Talitha and Reuben Evans
The Holt Family
The Class of 2CTh 2017/2018, Cinders Thomas
Ananya, Rohan, Jemy and Kannan 2018
Class of 6ALo
Maria Takimoto
Aksel Roejkjaer
Grade 5 2017/2018 (JSu, JSm, KTl, MBo, SKa, SLc, PAr, FSt)
Class of G1 PTh, 2017/2018
Grade 6 Middle School - Class of 2017/2018
Morgans Family
Morgans Family
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
UWCSEA East Parents’ Association
Class of 4JMs

Lighting up the passion for solar energy in our UWCSEA community.

Introducing our Solar for East team - switching on the UWCSEA community to the power of solar energy.

Back row (left to right): Dhevin, Oscar, Hemal, David       Front row (left to right): Aditya, Isabel, Brooke, Akshat

Solar for East is all about making the world a better - and brighter - place, but it also plays an important role in developing our students as a generation of changemakers.

Students themselves are planning, leading and delivering this project.

A core team of environmental champions (who welcome anyone else wanting to get involved!) are driving this project forward.

The programme provides a rich educational resource within the College: younger students explore concepts of renewable energy in primary school, and, for older students, the solar initiative provides an open science lab where all the data (power, temperature, intensity etc) is freely available for use by the community.

Click here to read an article from the student.

This is a story of how each of us, individually, can make a contribution to a greener future. I feel so empowered!

There's this free pot of gold in the sky! How much more obvious can it be that solar should be our current choice of energy? I just had to be part of Solar for East!



Key facts

Despite East campus' renowned green standards, we rely on unsustainable, grid-supplied energy - consuming nearly 6000 MWh of electricity and emitting 2.5million kilograms of CO2 every year.

Installing the planned 1130 solar panels would save almost 4 million kilograms of Carbon Dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere, and yield 9.3 million kilowatt hours of clean energy!


- Installation of 1,130 panels on 4 locations on either side of blocks B and C.
- Combined capacity will be 322kWp and an annual yield of 373,000kWh.
- Savings of 7% of the College’s annual energy expenditure, an average of nearly $75,000 dollars (assuming an energy tariff of SG$0.20/kWh).
- Saving 173,000kg of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere annually.


Phase 1 figures: Installing 180 panels

- CO2 emissions avoided annually: 29 tonnes
- Equivalent to 74 flights from Singapore to Tokyo
- PV generated energy covers the consumption of 14 HDB four bedroom households
- Average Daily PV Generation: 181kWh
- Installation planned for January 2019


Where will the panels go?

Blocks B and C (4 locations):

  • C West - 180 panels
  • C East - 210 panels
  • B West - 360 panels
  • B East - 380 panels

WANT TO KNOW MORE? The Solar for East student team has compiled this information.












“I’m grateful to work towards both making the school more sustainable in a tangible way, and also to give future generations in our school a solar project to learn about on-site. It’s exciting to be part of a more sustainable future.”


Lighting up classrooms - and imaginations!

A proverbial ‘light bulb moment’ struck student Raghav Shukla (Class of ‘15) when working on his Grade 5 expo project on sustainability: why couldn’t we bring to life the UWC vision of creating a more sustainable world by using solar energy to reduce the College’s own carbon footprint?

One student’s brainwave inspired UWCSEA’s whole solar programme.

In 2012 Raghav contacted the Facilities Department to discuss his ideas. Countless hours were spent refining and tailoring his plans, and in May 2013 he presented a detailed proposal to the Facilities Committee. The atmosphere was electric - the team was excited, heads were nodding, hands were shaken - Raghav’s ambitious plan was approved.

Solar for Dover launched in 2014 - with the massive goal of installing 1642 solar panels across two buildings. Just a few years into the programme and 626 have already been installed - reducing CO2 emissions by 70 tons per year and ensuring - 82 classrooms now lit with clean solar energy.  There are another 1016 solar panels required to complete the next phase on Dover by 2021. 

Students on East were caught up in the excitement too - why not expand the programme to East, helping to reduce further the carbon footprint of a campus already built to high sustainability standards?

Solar for East was born. 

In early September 2017 the Grade 9 students sat down, along with the Facilities Department, to explore how best to launch the solar initiative at East. With an enormous amount of hard work and long hours, powered by passion, and fuelled by Santai cinnamon rolls, finally a detailed proposal to instal 1130 solar panels was developed.

In November 2017 the Solar for East team were ready to present to the Board - their excitement was clearly contagious, for in January 2018 the Board signed it off for immediate roll out.














“It is thrilling to see the impact a group of students can make first-hand, and feel the support from the community in achieving our goal of sustainable development.”













"My favourite part of this project is the opportunity to teach younger students the importance of caring for our planet and making a difference. This initiative stands out because it's about education and environmental sustainability.”








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