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Student exchanges

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Round Square offers the opportunity for students to participate in exchanges with other Round Square schools, worldwide. The experience of learning about different education systems, cultures and perhaps even being challenged to learn in a different language is one you will carry with you for the rest of your life, not to mention also make new friends.

The costs involved are your flights to and from the host school and any other transport costs, such as school buses. You will also need your normal pocket money. Some schools request a small deposit to cover costs that may occur such as outings or excursions or social functions (varies from region to region). Any funds not used will be refunded. There are no school fees involved.

Students need to be independent and confident enough to travel alone and live with a new family within a different culture and be open to new experiences. The opportunities this experience provides are wonderful: explore the world map showing Round Square schools. Choose three schools that are of interest to you for your exchange experience, and read about them before starting the application process.

How to apply for an exchange

Exchange opportunities are available for students in Grades 7 - 11 and can range from two weeks to a full term. Due to different academic calendars, it is also possible to arrange an exchange over a holiday. Here is how to arrange and exchange:

1. Download the application form - this will give you an idea of the commitment required.

2. Email your Round Square Coordinator to make an appointment to meet. You will need to be prepared with:

  • the three schools you have chosen and your reasons for selecting them
  • the proposed duration of the exchange
  • the time of year you are looking at are you looking for a boarding school experience or to be hosted by a local family

3. Submit your application - applications will follow a process of interviews and short-listing.

4. The Round Square Coordinator will initiate an exchange enquiry with the schools of your choice.

5. Once the exchange is confirmed, parents handle travel, insurance and visa arrangements. The Round Square Coordinator is responsible for internal paperwork and communication with the host school. For an exchange of under three months a tourist visa is often the best option.

Important information

  • Whilst the exchange is underway there should be open communication between parents and staff representatives at both schools. Email is the easiest option.
  • Whilst on exchange, students must expect to be subject to rules of the host school. This will apply to matters such as work ethic, behaviour, drinking and smoking etc. It is expected that whilst on exchange students will engage in some form of service.

East Campus Student Exchange Programme

We are calling out for all applications for an exchange opportunity in the academic year 2013/2014.

Grade 7 - attend exchange in the summer holiday (Asia-Pacific region schools)

Grade 8 - attend exchange in Terms 2 and 3, including Easter and summer break (Asia-Pacific region schools with possibility of other regions)

Grades 9, FIB and 11 -  attend exchange in the summer holiday (all regions)

Grade 10 - attend exchange after GCSEs into summer holiday (all regions) *The costs incurred by parents would include: return flight, lunch expenses at the school, weekend excursions, and full insurance cover. There will be no additional school fees to be paid.

All applications close 1 October 2013, as discussions to initiate exchange with all other school's Round Square Coordinators will take place at the International Conference in October. Please note: the application form (see above) will take a little time to complete, and will require two references from teachers who know you well. Your teachers will send their reference directly to Ms Charmaine Lim. You will need to arrange to meet with Ms Lim by email to submit your application in person. Interviews will take place in the weeks 28 October to 8 November.

Exchange student hosting

There is lots to gain from hosting a student from a different culture. If you are interested in hosting an exchange student in your home, please contact your Round Square Coordinator.