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Reunion 2019 Class Giving

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Over the past few years, as alumni celebrate their milestone anniversary reunions, they have been united not only by the exciting opportunity to reconnect with each other and the College, but also by a strong sense of common purpose to 'give back’ - by supporting a deserving student of refugee or internally displaced status, to follow in their footsteps.

The passion amongst our alumni community for helping those less fortunate is an inspiring realisation of their belief in education as a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future. Reunion giving helps to change the life path of a young person who has grown up in a conflict zone, by opening the doors to a UWC education where they meet and study with students from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures, and can go on to make real change in their communities and the world. 

Join your former classmates in making a donation - whether or not you are attending the reunion - and be the first reunion class to achieve a 100% participation from attendees, and 100% participation by the full class group.   

Donations, of any size, make a real difference when combined together. Join forces to enable a brighter future for a promising and deserving young person.