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Since 2008, on the eve of their departure out into the wide world, Grade 12 students have been united by a common purpose to 'give back' by leaving a lasting legacy for the College.   

This student-led programme demonstrates the passion and culture of philanthropy that exists within the student community.   

Join your classmates in making a donation - and we can be the first year to achieve 100% participation.   

Donations, of any size, make a real difference when combined together.  

“Giving and helping others is central to who we are as a community and this may be our last opportunity as current students of UWC to do so. So, please do make a contribution to help someone achieve a brighter and better future.”
Anisha, Class of ‘20


The Graduate Class Gift was established in 2008. This will be the tenth year of students coming together to leave a lasting legacy at UWCSEA. These gifts demonstrate the culture of giving that exists within the College community. 

Here’s the list of the generous gifts have been left to the College since 2008.


2020 - Dover and EAST - The UWC Refugee Programme.


2018/2019 - DOVER and EAST - supporting the UWC Refugee Initiative, to help refugee scholar from Palestine, Mahmoud, attend UWC Mostar.


2017 - DOVER - Rainforest Project

2017 - EAST - Upgraded 3rd floor seating area

2016 - DOVER- Solar Panels 

2016 - EAST- Donation to College


2015 - DOVER - Painted Mural of the UWC Movement

2015 - EAST- Donation to the Scholarship Fund


2014 - DOVER - Mandela Bust


2014 - EAST - Seating Lounge area on the 6th Floor (first Grade 12 Graduating Class for East)


2013 - DOVER - Lounge for facilities staff


2012 - DOVER - Wishing Well


2011 - DOVER - Waterfall and wall tiles

2010 - DOVER - Benches near the Middle School

2009 - DOVER - Primary School playground slide

2008 - DOVER - Benches near High School (removed during construction)