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“It is at this very school, community and family that we are given the opportunity to give back. To share the privileges and honours we have amongst our community and unite with external ones.”

Lia, Class of ‘20


All donations, of any size, make a real difference. The more students that give, the greater the collective impact will be.   

Classmates recommended a $10-$20 donation, but of course, you are free to include as much as you choose. Please keep your gift over $2, to make sure it is meaningful - and countable! 

Celebrate your passage from students to alumni by reaching 100% participation! Since the launch of the class gift back in 2008, no class has ever reached 100%! Let's make this year the first. 

You will receive a red packet with your name on it. Simply enclose your donation and drop off your red packet in the donation box located in the High School office. (If you happen to lose or need extra red packets, please see the High School office secretary.)

We hope you can hear the bells of gratitude ringing - your G12 combined gift will soon be opening the doors of a UWC College to a new life of possibility for a refugee.