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Thank you so much for your interest in supporting UWCSEA through the Class Giving Programme. We are incredibly grateful to you, the Organisers (typically Parent Ambassadors / Class Parents / Teachers or older students), we couldn't do this without your commitment and enthusiasm. To make the organisation of a Class Giving initiative easier for you (and us!), please read through this carefully.


Decide which initiative your class wants to fundraise for: 

Solar for UWCSEA


The UWC Refugee Initiative


Let us know your class fundraising is going live! Register through the “UWCSEA Class Giving Registration Form

Class donations can be sent in by parents individually ONLINE (this is our preferred option) or collectively via CASH. (Please note that the whole class must follow one method - a mix of online and cash is not possible.)

It is important that the Foundation can recognise and thank each individual donor for their generosity. When donations are made online this will happen automatically. When the cash option is chosen, we will provide Organisers with a class list for them to record individual cash donations - and once the total amount is lodged with the Foundation, each individual student's donation will be recorded and they will be thanked.


Upon registration, we will contact the Organisers and provide the web link to the "Class Giving Donation form" (for online donors) that they can then share with all the students/parents of the class.

Alternatively, for those planning on collecting cash, we will send a Class List form which Organisers will use to record the donations made by individual students. Organisers will then be responsible for counting together the total amount of cash and depositing it with the Finance Department according to the UWCSEA fundraising procedures and policies. 

Please get in touch with any questions. Thank you so much for your support.

Bettina Haupter
Foundation Parent Ambassador Coordinator

Alexandra Touchaud
UWCSEA Fund Engagement