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Adopt a Solar Panel

Adopt a panel for $600 or part of a panel for $100. Donations can be made by individuals, families, or groups - perhaps as a class gift, community group gift, or in honour of a special event like graduations, birthdays, or in memoriams. 

Celebrating the generosity of our donors is important as it publicly acknowledges these changemakers by not only recognising their contribution to creating a more sustainable world, but also by encouraging others to get involved.

ONLINE: After making a donation to buy a panel, or a part of one, donors are invited to write their name or the name of the group who made the gift. Panels can be personalised with photos or messages.

DONOR WALL ON EAST CAMPUS: Donor name (or group name) will feature on the UWCSEA Donor Wall on the school grounds (and is reproduced online, and in our annual Impact of Giving report).

ON THE ROOFTOPS: Donors are invited to write their name, a message or even draw a picture on their solar panel during the installation event.

There's this free pot of gold in the sky! How much more obvious can it be that solar should be our current choice of energy? I just had to be part of Solar for East!