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The nitty gritty - key facts

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Key facts

Despite East campus' renowned green standards, we rely on unsustainable, grid-supplied energy - consuming nearly 6000 MWh of electricity and emitting 2.5million kilograms of CO2 every year.

Installing the planned 1130 solar panels would save almost 4 million kilograms of Carbon Dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere, and yield 9.3 million kilowatt hours of clean energy!


- Installation of 1,130 panels on 4 locations on either side of blocks B and C.
- Combined capacity will be 322kWp and an annual yield of 373,000kWh.
- Savings of 7% of the College’s annual energy expenditure, an average of nearly $75,000 dollars (assuming an energy tariff of SG$0.20/kWh).
- Saving 173,000kg of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere annually.


Phase 1 figures: Installing 180 panels

- CO2 emissions avoided annually: 29 tonnes
- Equivalent to 74 flights from Singapore to Tokyo
- PV generated energy covers the consumption of 14 HDB four bedroom households
- Average Daily PV Generation: 181kWh
- Installation planned for January 2019


Where will the panels go?

Blocks B and C (4 locations):

  • C West - 180 panels
  • C East - 210 panels
  • B West - 360 panels
  • B East - 380 panels

WANT TO KNOW MORE? The Solar for East student team has compiled this information.













“I’m grateful to work towards both making the school more sustainable in a tangible way, and also to give future generations in our school a solar project to learn about on-site. It’s exciting to be part of a more sustainable future.”