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Plugging in to the power of a student - led initiative

Lighting up the passion for solar energy in our UWCSEA community.

Introducing our Solar for East team - switching on the UWCSEA community to the power of solar energy.

Back row (left to right): Dhevin, Oscar, Hemal, David       Front row (left to right): Aditya, Isabel, Brooke, Akshat

Solar for East is all about making the world a better - and brighter - place, but it also plays an important role in developing our students as a generation of changemakers.

Students themselves are planning, leading and delivering this project.

A core team of environmental champions (who welcome anyone else wanting to get involved!) are driving this project forward.

The programme provides a rich educational resource within the College: younger students explore concepts of renewable energy in primary school, and, for older students, the solar initiative provides an open science lab where all the data (power, temperature, intensity etc) is freely available for use by the community.

Stories on Solar for East:


This is a story of how each of us, individually, can make a contribution to a greener future. I feel so empowered!

There's this free pot of gold in the sky! How much more obvious can it be that solar should be our current choice of energy? I just had to be part of Solar for East!



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