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The Dover Green Heart

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The Challenge

With humanity currently using one and half times the resources that the Earth can sustainably provide, preventing damage to the living systems that provide the conditions for all life on Earth is our greatest challenge. We have known about this crisis for many years. Indeed the UWC mission was explicitly designed to create an education that could address it, yet in an increasingly urban and technology-focused world, current generations have never been more separated from the natural world.

Our lack of daily meaningful contact with the environments we so desperately need to protect has undermined our ability to comprehend the scale of the problem. It has also deprived our children of an immense source of wonder, knowledge and wellbeing.

The Solution

The Dover Green Heart will transform the core of the campus into a vibrant, central and inspiring space for all of our community, especially our students to connect deeply with the natural world.

It will provide an outstanding, living demonstration of our community's commitment to care - for our students, their future and our planet. As well as enhancing our understanding of our region's immense biodiversity, Dover Green Heart will encourage wonder, imagination and play!