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Our community is strengthened by diversity and united in common purpose. On local, national and global platforms, we will seek to engage with and impact positively on individuals and communities who hold similar, disparate and diverse ideas.

All members of our community should understand Peace to include concepts such as justice, equality and human rights and to be more than the absence of conflict. Our Learning Programme will help seed and nurture these concepts. We aspire to promote Peace in all of its contexts—for the individual, our communities and our global societies. We will embed structures to support learning for Peace and its systematic implementation across the College, and develop meaningful links with like-minded organisations that are in pursuit of the same goals.

Sustainability as a systemic response means aligning ourselves to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all within the means of nature. We will engage with these challenges by deepening our intellectual and moral capacities, and building our collective wisdom. We will develop our curriculum to ensure that sustainability is woven into all five elements of our learning programme from K–12. We will also develop our community’s capability in systems thinking.

Strategy P1: Working for Peace

Strategy P2: Sustainability as a Systemic Response


Learning Leadership Team reporting through UWCSEA Board Education and Talent Committee