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Child safeguarding

In keeping with our mission and values, we believe that every child and young person, regardless of age, has at all times and in all situations a right to feel safe and protected, and we are committed to safeguarding and protecting students from harm. Please take time to read the following guidelines, which are intended to safeguard all members of the UWCSEA community as well as visitors to our campus. 

Visitor guidelines and code of conduct

• UWCSEA supports a culture of reciprocal respect; all communications should be positive, respectful and invitational

• Visitors must display their visitor’s pass prominently at all times

• Please ask for permission from UWCSEA before taking any photos or videos; no images of students may be shared in any online social media and any images of students must be deleted after the permitted purpose is complete

• Visitors may use toilets designated for adults and general public only

• Visitors must not take personal information from any student nor give personal information to any student including contact details and social media profile

• Visitors must not be alone with any student

• Visitors may not touch any student or invade their personal space

• Visitors must not respond to physical contact from any student; if contact occurs, visitors must report it immediately to a College staff member

• Visitors must report any suspicious or unacceptable behaviour including physical or verbal abuse by and/or between any student or adult

• Visitors should be aware that verbal interaction with any student may be interpreted by them as offensive or inappropriate, even if not your intention

For more information, please refer to our child safeguarding websitechild safeguarding policy or email


If you have any concerns or require assistance while on campus, please approach your host or any UWCSEA staff member. Key phone contacts:

Dover Campus

• Reception +65 6775 5344 (ext 1001/1002) |

• Security (24 hours) +65 6419 9326 (ext 1999) |

• Medical (24 hours) +65 6775 5321 (ext 1995) |

East Campus

• Reception +65 6305 5344 (ext. 2001/2002) |

• Security (24 hours) +65 6305 5344 (ext. 2999) |

• Medical (24 hours) +65 6305 5344 (ext. 2995) |


At UWCSEA, keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility.