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Bali Sharks

Serangan, southern Bali
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East Campus

Bali Sharks NGO is based in Serangan, southern Bali. The NGO is dedicated to fighting for shark populations currently being decimated in Indonesia. On a global scale, 90% of the world’s shark populations have been wiped out in the last 10 years, due to the practice of shark finning to supply demand for fin-based products, the warming oceans, and the scale of fishing being undertaken in waters all over the world.

Bali Sharks GC students learn about marine biology and the fragile balance of our marine ecosystems. The students raise awareness regarding shark conservation and take action to support the rescue, rehabilitation and release of rehabilitated marine life. The students are also creating educational materials to support the work of Bali Sharks.

East Campus

Bali Sharks is an East Campus Global Concerns project. 

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