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Enhancing student engagement in environmental stewardship

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How dedicated Environmental Stewardship Coordinators are making a difference

UWCSEA is committed to developing the skills and qualities in students that are needed to build a more sustainable future - a future where practical environmental stewardship becomes a major part of every child's education. 

A gift in 2015, through UWCSEA Foundation to create school-based Environmental Stewardship Coordinators has seen an increase in student engagement in dedicated environmental activities across the College. Over on Dover, Nicole Kutschenreuter, Gordon Hirons and Nathan Hunt have been working with the Junior, Middle and High School students. At East, Kath Lane and Adam Erickson are engaging students from across the Campus. 


At Dover Junior School, Nicole Kutschenreuter has been training the grade 5 classes in composting. By the end of the year, every student in the grade will have the necessary skills to carry out this valuable service to the school. Environmental stewardship is now a major focus of the Junior School Student Council, strengthening waste reduction and recycling practices throughout the younger grades.


In the Middle School on Dover, Gordon Hirons has established an Environmental Stewardship Council that supports student campaigns and conducts tours of the green features of the campus. Gordon is also busy coordinating recycling throughout the campus, ensuring practices are standardised throughout the three schools. 


At East, Kath Lane and Adam Erickson manage an increasing range of gardening projects on the campus, coordinating supplies, tools and manpower and linking groups like the Middle School Gardeners with the Fresh Fruit Friday service team. From the ground floor to the rooftop, student gardens are growing everything from orchids to herbs and even rainforest trees. Adam and Kath's work with Middle and Junior School compost teams this year should soon ensure a steady supply of home-grown fertilizer for these gardens, saving money and reducing waste on campus.


Given the increasing interest in greening initiatives across both campus, more students are volunteering their time to support environmental projects at lunchtimes, after school and during their free periods and weekends. Students are now able to connect this work to their academics too. Adam Erickson supports Critical Challenge projects for the IGCSE Global Perspectives course, ensuring they mesh with existing East Campus initiatives while Nathan Hunt and the Dover team are helping students publicise their environmental work and create learning resources for the whole of the campus.

Having dedicated Environmental Stewardship Coordinators means projects like these are now well-planned, sustainable and most of all, excellent learning opportunities for the students.

Gifts of any amount to UWCSEA Foundation help enhance our campuses and our students' education, furthering UWCSEA's ambition to have a worldwide reputation for environmental stewardship.
How you can be involved:
Support the student-led Solar for Dover by adopting a solar panel.   Adopt a tree at the East Campus. These gentle giants add so much to the school environment. 

Gifts of any amount can make a real difference. Simply select Environmental Sustainability on the gift drop down button. 


 For more information about the impact of giving to UWCSEA visit UWCSEA Foundation