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Templae garden Foundations (TGF) Cambodia logo - Grade 5 GC on UWCSEA Dover CampusTemple Garden Foundation (TGF) works with local rural communities in Cambodia to promote sustainable development for those living in poverty. TGF focuses on four core areas: children’s education, income generation, health programmes and infrastructure programmes. The nature of the different projects can vary, depending on the needs of the communities.

Some of the education projects feature parent support and a community kindergarten. The teacher training project facilitates support committees, study clubs, English classes and a school holiday project which is organized in local public schools during end of year vacation. The health programme includes volunteer training to promote village health, education projects to reduce malnutrition, projects to support healthy growth and development of children, mobile immunization clinics, as well as workshops aimed at improving antenatal care. When it comes to infrastructure, TGF currently focuses on improving sanitation facilities (latrines), building wells and supplying filters to provide clean drinking water for the communities where TGF works. Previous initiatives have also included building schools. Many rural villages participate in the Income Generation programme and learn how to save their funds. This programme also helps to strengthen technical skills in agriculture; fishing, farming, plantation and animal raising since these were areas that were identified as needing improvement.

Temple Garden Foundation (TGF) is a UK not for profit and was established in 2008. 

Dover Campus

TGF is a Grade 5 School Global Concern. During the year, Grade 5 students help to raise awareness of Temple Garden Foundation through assembly presentations and other classroom initiatives. The students also help with fundraising activities. There is one major fundraising event involving all of the students in the grade. Past grade fundraisers have included walkathons and a maths challenge. Small groups of students also take action by organising craft sales, discos and clothing theme days to raise more funds throughout the year.

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