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Evidence of success

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The College uses a variety of specific data sources to track and inform practice around technology. The main quantitative data come from are iLearn Surveys, which triangulate the experience with digital technologies between students, teachers and parents. All three groups are surveyed with complimentary questions which allow us compare experiences and attitudes between the groups. Through these surveys the College has seen both a high level of belief amongst staff and students that increased technology use has benefited the educational process, as well as a high correlation about how it does so.

The main challenge highlighted by the surveys, as far as increased technology use is concerned, is distraction and concern around distraction. This is consistent across teachers, students and parents. Although UWCSEA's overall external examination results (in both the IGCSE and IB Diploma) suggests that this is not having the significant impact that many have feared, it is still an important area for us to address. As a consequence we have developed workshops and lessons materials to help all three groups recognise and manage distraction better. We anticipate this being an ongoing process.

We have also looked to benchmark our success externally, and in December 2013 we were the inaugural winners of the 21st Century School of the Year award. This international award recognises excellence in the use of learning technologies in the classroom and around the school and is sponsored by Pearson.

Overall, a significant measure of the success of the iLearn initiative is the attitude and experiences of our students to learning with technology. The iLearn surveys point to the positive attitude of students, but this video brings those statistics to life.