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The Story of Solar for Dover

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How did this all begin?

This project is a student led initiative by Raghav Shukla (Class of 2015) who  became inspired after his Grade  5 Exhibition, which focused on Sustainable Energy. In 2012 he made contact with the Facilities Department and sat down to discuss his ideas. Following the positive conversation he began to put together a proposal and in May 2013 he presented it to the Facilities Committee (which makes the decisions about building development at the College) and it was approved.

Some key facts:

  • With events every evening and weekend and during holidays, as well running two boarding houses, Dover Campus' energy use is larger than most schools - approximately 8,187090 kWh per year. 
  • As Singapore generates its electricity almost exclusively through a mix of natural gas and oil this means we have a large carbon footprint from our electricity use - about 500g of C02 per 1 kWh.
  • Our facilities department are working hard to reduce this energy use through efficiency measures but current space and infrastructure allows us to have up to 864 solar panels on our site (this may well grow in future).
  • Once fully operational these panels can meet as much as 50% of our electricity for lighting, saving 137,500 kg of C02 each year from being released into the atmosphere, as well as reducing our electricity bill.
  • The best three locations for the panels would be the Senior Sports Hall, Junior Sports Hall and the Art Block.
  • Total cost of installation will cost in the region of $540,000. Because we want to move this initiative forward as quickly as possible, we will install the panels in three stages.
  • *The Carbon emissions saved from this project would be equivalent to 790 per passenger one way flights to Bangkok from Singapore. This is an estimate based on an average of industry models using fuel data from short haul aircraft.

Why are we fundraising for this?

Dover Campus wants to strengthen its commitment to Environmental Stewardship and the Solar for Dover project is a very real way the whole College community can be involved in creating a more sustainable future for all. 

Each panel costs $600 to install, but to make this wonderful initiative accessible to all we have divided the panels into sections of $100. Donations can be made from families, as an individual or as a group - perhaps as a class gift, community group gift, or in honour of a birthday.

How will we recognise your support?

Firstly, your name, or the name of the group who made the gift, will be on the panel, or part of panel you have adopted (you get to personalise the image that appears as well so you could even take a picture and pop your face on the panel) as well as a little message of support, or perhaps the reason why you have chosen to support Solar for Dover. Not only will this publically acknowledge your commitment to sustainability, but it may also encourage others to support this important initiative.

Secondly, as Solar for Dover is a core part of our Annual Fund programme your name (or group name) will feature on our donor wall and in our annual report.

Finally, and most importantly, each year you will receive an update on the work of our sustainability programme at Dover. This will be an update on the solar panel initiative, but also all the other environmental projects we are undertaking to truly live out our UWCSEA mission.

For more information contact us