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What if an international school student wanted to build a school?

Would she have to wait until she’s grown up to do it? When Grade 4 student Ella said she wished all children had a school, her teachers encouraged her to get to work. Ella began planning how she’d raise the S$28,000 needed to build a school in Svey Reing Province, Cambodia. True to the UWCSEA service ethos, the school community pitched in to help her. Two years later, Ella achieved her dream.

Today, 893 children in Cambodia attend one of the two schools that Ella has built so far. Because of her, they can have an education that will help them have a better future.

Ella's achievement was recognised when she was awarded the Kurt Hahn prize in 2012 at the Round Square International Conference, becoming the youngest ever recipient of the prestigious award. In Ella's own words, "Without UWCSEA, I would be just another little girl who knew that other kids could not go to school. But being a UWCSEA student, I know I can take action. One school completed, and others to follow."

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