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Shelby Davis inspires

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On 21 February, Shelby Davis, philanthropist and founder of the Davis UWC Scholars Program visited UWCSEA with his wife Gale.

Wyclife Onyango Omondi (Grade 12) shares his experience of the visit:

The much-anticipated Shelby Davis visit coincided with Mother-tongue Day. Dressed in our fabulous cultural costumes, a group of UWCSEA Dover students and staff welcomed Shelby Davis and his wife, Gale Davis, with a lunch at the Nelson Mandela Library.

I was greatly inspired by his story. His first encounter with the UWC movement was when he met a two boys – one Israeli, one Palestinian -discussing their countries’ conflict at the Armand Hammer UWC of the American West (UWC-USA). This was his inspiration to embark on an exciting but challenging journey – the Davis UWC Scholars program. 

At the student presentation after the lunch Mr. Davis stood up and held the attention of all in the room with his first words, “There are three types of people in the world; those who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened. I invest in you because you make things happen.” These words not only made me evaluate my role in our world, but also to hold on to my dreams and persist in them.

Mr. Davis is a great leader and mentor to our community. Not only a generous donor who has helped many of us to achieve quality education regardless of our backgrounds, he is also a role model to students, reminding us of the power of determination in helping us make positive changes to our communities.

Over 12 years, 233 UWCSEA students have received scholarships to US universities through the program. Since its establishment in 2000, 4,843 scholars from 147 countries have been provided with scholarships to 90 different US universities and colleges.

Visit to learn more, and visit eDunia to watch a video of Shelby Davis explaining his commitment to the prorgamme.

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