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About Us

UWCSEA is a united, welcoming community, spread across two campuses that embrace students and their families.
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Guiding Statements

Our Guiding Statements help to ensure that our students are equipped to enact the mission throughout their lives. 
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A UWCSEA education is values-based and holistic, developing young people who will build a more peaceful and sustainable world. Learn more.

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K–12 Concept-Based Curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to help students develop knowledge, skills and understanding through five elements of our learning programme. Learn more.


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The passion and energy of our diverse community of students is what makes our campuses come to life. Learn more.

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Our scholars come from a wide range of backgrounds and bring unique perspectives and experience to our community. Learn more.

Our Big Ideas

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Our Big Ideas

As a learning community, we engage with the world of ideas to connect concepts and put ideas into action. Learn more.


Singapore as a Nation State: Past, Present and Future.

By Mr Janadas Devan, Director of the Institute of Policy Studies at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, NUS

Discover the fascinating evolution of 'Singapore as a Nation State, Past Present and Future' with Mr. Janadas Devan and our panel of UWCSEA students, connecting Singapore's historical roots and its present circumstances. View here


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Applications for the 2024/2025 school year will open on 1 September 2023 Learn more.



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The UWCSEA culture of giving and service is central to our identity as a mission-aligned community. Learn more.

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Impact of Giving

The generosity of our community has had a significant impact on individuals and groups in Singapore, the region and globally. Learn more.

Global Service

Dover Service MS Building House

Our global service programme beyond Singapore is largely linked to student-led initiatives we call Global Concerns (GC). The name is a reflection of the wide variety of activities and projects that fall under this category which represent a huge range of global development challenges and environmental issues. 

Through the GC programme, students across the College from K–12 are directly engaged with global issues, while being introduced to concepts of leadership and organisation. Across the College, there are 65 NGO partner organisations, and 75 student groups that organise themselves in support of these initiatives. This College-wide network of GCs creates a unique student-led programme, where all students are encouraged to take their own initiative in support of an issue they care about. 

In the Primary and Middle School, each grade-level has a specific GC partner or issue that the grade focuses on for the year. When possible, the Academic programme links to GC-related issues in disciplines such as humanities (Economics, Geography, History) or Science to further examine the concepts being taught by using examples from our Service programme.
All Middle School students become involved in global service through their engagement in the learning programme. In the academic element, this includes elements of the UWCSEA-designed Middle School curriculum including, the SEED (Social, Environmental, Entrepreneurship Development) course on East Campus; and through addressing similar topics in the Grade 6 Development Unit and Grade 7 Systems and Sustainable Development Unit on Dover Campus. 

While students are exposed to the grade-level GC as part of the Service programme, there are opportunities for Primary and Middle School students to follow their individual interests in school-specific GC groups that also run as lunchtime service groups.

In the High School, this dynamic programme shifts so that students are able to select which GC they will focus on and how they can then translate their ideals into action. Students either join long-standing GC groups, or can propose and pitch a suitable project to the student-led GC Executive to approve a new GC group. While links continue to be made in relevant topics in subjects in the academic programme, the GCs move to become student-led and teacher-facilitated project groups.

Following our service learning journey, GC groups consider the needs of our NGO partner when deciding which action they will take to address specific development and environmental issues. The students then commit and assign roles in the group to take considered action in support of the needs of their partner, be it researching, advocating, fundraising, or taking other informed direct action. 

Directly related to our mission, these experiences create opportunities for our students to listen and learn about new cultures and appreciate different perspectives as they learn about the challenges faced by our partner NGOs and the communities they serve. Many students who have gained this unique insight connect personally with the communities they serve and maintain an active commitment to their GC throughout High School. In a direct link with our Outdoor Education programme, many students visit our NGO partners during their Project Week in Grade 11.

Our partnerships

UWCSEA operates on a personal scale, partnering with grassroots organisations. This allows us to develop close relationships, and by encouraging visits by students, parents and staff, our students are able to not only see first-hand how the projects operate but also contribute to their efforts.

When we create a partnership, our considerations reflect our concern for people and communities and the development challenges which impact them in a way which is sensitive to culture, their environment and seeks to create long-term sustainable solutions. A similar approach is taken to establishing our environmentally-focused GC groups, with a concern for sustainable solutions in line with our mission. 

Our Global Concerns projects and partners


ACRES aims to protect animals. Through their research findings they educate the public by promoting active community involvement in the animal protection movement, as well as striving towards synergistic partnerships with authorities and related parties.  UWCSEA's involvement through their Action for ACRES programme came about in 2012 when the Grade 1 students became Animal Benefactors for ACRES, raising funds to sponsor three animals that had been rescued and were being rehabilitated by ACRES.

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The Akanksha Foundation is working towards bridging the educational inequality in India, by establishing centers and schools near slums in Pune and Mumbai. The foundation currently helps 4000 underprivileged children to get a better education, thereby investing in India’s future.

Read More about Akanksha
Amala Focus Group

Amala Focus Group collaborates with Amala Education for Change (formerly Sky School), a global high school for refugee youth and a UWCx project. They work with a team of experts in social entrepreneurship, refugee issues, university admissions, and curriculum development.

Read More about Amala Focus Group
Asian Children’s Education

Asian Children’s Education (ACE) supports the JAAGO Foundation, a Bangladesh-based organisation which caters to the education needs of children from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds

Read More about Asian Children’s Education
Bali Bridges

There are over 13,000 children in Bali, Indonesia who are orphaned or living in severe poverty. Widhya Asih, a non-profit making organisation, was established in Bali in 1975 to support communities and children, living on or under the poverty line. UWCSEA established their partnership with the Widhya Asih organisation in 2006.

Read More about Bali Bridges
Because I Am Focus Group

Because I Am Focus Group is a forum for discussion of contemporary gender issues in our world. By challenging male and female stereotyping, questioning what we consider to be gender 'norms', and lending support to projects that align with our mission, we want to change how gender is talked about in the conversations we have.

Read More about Because I Am Focus Group
Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation NGO focuses on providing street children with education, nutrition, health care, counselling, physical and creative activities, rescue, legal advocacy and a safe shelter. Their work is led by a team of social workers, psychologists, teachers and lawyers.

Blue Dragon GC works to raise awareness of Blue Dragon’s success stories. They read monthly newsletters and communicate regularly with the NGO. The GC group run community building sports events and collaborate with Blue Dragon children on photography projects, which are exhibited within the College and beyond.

Read More about Blue Dragon
Bombay Street Kids

Bombay Street Kids at UWCSEA began their partnership with VOICE in August 2000, and currently supports a computer-training centre along with the daily mini meal scheme for primary school children living in makeshift homes beside the Borivali railway line.

Read More about Bombay Street Kids
Cancer Awareness

The CPAA GC group supports the cost of treatment for cancer patients living in poverty in Mumbai, as well as health screening schemes and rehabilitation projects. They educate the UWCSEA community about cancer—knowledge is power! They raise funds through Hair for Hope, an annual hair shaving event to show solidarity with cancer patients, gain empathy, donate hair and provide financial aid for treatment.

Read More about Cancer Awareness
Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF)

Christina Noble Children's Foundation is a Global Concern dedicated to providing hope to children living and working on the streets and helping them to maximize their life potential. The organisation is active in Vietnam and Mongolia. 

Read More about Christina Noble Children's Foundation (CNCF)

CPAA supports the cost of treatment for cancer patients living in poverty in India, who otherwise would not be able to afford such medical assistance. These patients suffer from recurrent and potentially fatal malignancies. UWCSEA has been supporting CPAA since 2008.

Read More about CPAA
Daraja Academy

Daraja Academy is a boarding secondary school for Kenyan girls with top academic scores and exceptional leadership skills but no means to continue their education. The academy provides shelter, food, healthcare and counseling services which allows students to focus on their academic and personal potential, without being hindered by the everyday barriers of poverty.

Read More about Daraja Academy
Empowering Children of Vietnam (ECOV)

Empowering Children Of Vietnam (ECOV) is a Global Concern which strives to support children in Vietnam. The GC is student run, and consists of students in Grades 9 through 12 and it was established as a Global Concern in 2003.

Read More about Empowering Children of Vietnam (ECOV)

EPIC Arts provides a range of professional dance, drama, music and arts programs to people of all abilities and disabilities in order to promote empowerment, integration and acceptance. The Grade 5 UWCSEA East students support the Peace Class, which is a class for students with cerebral palsy, autism and Down’s Syndrome.

Read More about EPIC Arts
Equality Focus Group

Equality Focus Group aims to raise awareness about the LGBTQ+ community and discriminated minorities, by establishing a more secure environment for those who identify as a part of this community. Students discuss the issues of visibility, stereotypes, and prejudice within the school community in order to host educational events and execute campaigns to combat ignorance. 

Read More about Equality Focus Group
Gili Eco Trust

Gili Eco Trust NGO works to fight for marine ecosystems and develops sustainability initiatives and education. They aim to protect coral reefs from destructive fishing practices, work to prevent soil and beach erosion, run island-wide clean up programmes, educate the local community, work towards effective waste management and defend animal rights.

Read More about Gili Eco Trust
Green Umbrella

Green Umbrella NGO works to develop living and education standards for an entire community. They teach students from Kindergarten to Grade 4 at the Karuna Kumar School, which was built in collaboration with UWCSEA. Green Umbrella also runs computer and English classes, sewing skills, organic farming and handicrafts design and production.

Read More about Green Umbrella

One of the oldest Global Concerns projects, Himalayan Global Concern has had a focus on supporting different education projects in Nepal.


Read More about Himalayan

I-India is an organisation that aims to provide care, love and development for street children in Jaipur, Rajasthan in India. I-India aims to not only support the short term needs of children such as nutrition and health needs but also to address the long term needs such as education and the development of vocational skills.

Read More about I-India
Jakarta Street Kids

Jakarta Street Kids Global Concern is focused on helping underpriviledged children living in Indonesia, primarily in the Cipanas area of West Java, near Jakarta. These children often live in vulnerable circumstances due to poverty. 

Read More about Jakarta Street Kids
Kampot Khmer

Kampot Khmer GC supports Chumkriel Language School (CLS) which provides English classes, computer and vocational training, health care, food security and help with building shelter for children and families trapped in poverty. They aim to provide a holistic education, allowing students to learn arts and sports as well as 21st century skills. CLS also runs a soup kitchen organic farm, health programmes and dance classes.

Read More about Kampot Khmer
Kids in Cambodia (KiC)

Kids in Cambodia (KiC) Global Concern supports the education and empowerment of children living in the Steung Meanchay, Boeng Salang and Chbar Ampov slum areas on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.


Read More about Kids in Cambodia (KiC)
Kuma Cambodia

Kuma Cambodia School officially opened its doors in 2012. Working to support NAPIC, an established NGO located outside of Phnom Penh, UWCSEA provides support including - teacher professional development, educational projects, the Book Book Tuk Tuk and raising awareness.

Read More about Kuma Cambodia

UWCSEA supports Lamdon School which aims to provide quality education which includes aspects of Ladakhi culture for children in the Ladakh region.

Read More about Ladakh

Lavalla is a school for physically disabled students located in Takmao near Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Read More about Lavalla

LEAF GC aims to promote sustainable practices and advocate environmental awareness on campus. 

Read More about LEAF
Magic Bus

Magic Bus Global Concern supports the Magic Bus Foundation, which aims to provide marginalised children in the most rural areas of India a better life by providing an education by building physical, social and personal skills, mainly by focusing on the aspect of sport.

Read More about Magic Bus
Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains GC partner with Empowering Women of Nepal to raise awareness about gender issues and strategies for equality. This NGO aims to improve the lives of Nepalese women through sustainable adventure tourism as well as running stewardship programs, education centres, and health and hygiene classes for at-risk children.

Read More about Moving Mountains
Mumbai Mobile Crèches (MMC)

Since 2003 the Dover Campus Infant School has supported Mumbai Mobile Crèches (MMC), a voluntary agency committed to the task of developing and maintaining care programmes for the children of labourers working on construction sites in Mumbai.

Read More about Mumbai Mobile Crèches (MMC)
Ocean Filters

This GC takes action to inform the school community of plastic pollution, particularly in the ocean, and to address the problems that arise from it.

Read More about Ocean Filters
One Sky

Half the Sky Global Concern strives to bring awareness and support for the abandoned orphans in China due to the ‘One Child Policy’. Half the Sky aims to bring up each of the children under their care in a loving and caring environment. Half the Sky GC has been organised and run by High School since 2006, and continues to actively raise awareness and funds within the UWCSEA community.

Read More about One Sky
Pakistan: The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF)

The Citizen’s Foundation is a nonprofit organisation launched in 1955, with the aim of breaking down barriers of class and privilege in Pakistan and focusing on education as an area of development. Their missions aims to enable ‘moral, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment’ through education. 

Read More about Pakistan: The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF)
PAW (Promoting Animal Welfare)

Promoting Animal Welfare (PAW) is a Middle School and High School Global Concern that is determined to raise awareness and change the world's perspective about animal protection.

Read More about PAW (Promoting Animal Welfare)

Pinoy GC is a Global Concern that works towards improving lives in the Philippines. We mainly focus on educational needs, disaster relief and the general nourishment of the impoverished. One of the major ways we achieve this is by supporting Gawad Kalinga, an NGO, whose aims mirror our own; working to minimize poverty in the Philippines.

Read More about Pinoy
Project Sun Bear

Project Sun Bear Focus Group is working to save the endangered Sun Bear. Students in this group have supported Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) in their work to rehabilitate abused bears.

Read More about Project Sun Bear
Smiles of China

New Hope Foundation NGOs goal is “To comfort always, to relieve often, and to save sometimes.”  They care for physically handicapped and abandoned children in critical health conditions in their child care centres in Beijing. New Hope Foundation provides these children with a caring and secure environment as they receive medical care, surgery, post op care or palliative care.

Read More about Smiles of China

SurfAid works closely in collaboration with health department officials and local health providers to implement a health care program in the Mentawai and Nias Islands in Indonesia.

Read More about SurfAid
Temple Garden Foundation (TGF)

Temple Garden Foundation (TGF) works with local rural communities in Cambodia to promote sustainable development for those living in poverty. TGF focuses on four core areas: children’s education, income generation, health programmes and infrastructure programmes. The nature of the different projects can vary, depending on the needs of the communities.

Read More about Temple Garden Foundation (TGF)
Tioman Turtles

Tioman Turtles Global Concern supports the Juara Turtle Project on Tioman Island, Malaysia. The aim of the Juara Turtle Project is to help rejuvenate the habitat and protect the two remaining species of sea turtles that nest on Tioman Island. UWCSEA began their partnership with the Juara Turtle Project in 2006. The school sponsors the project in the form of annual financial donations raised by the Tioman Turtles Global Concern and from the school’s Environment budget.

Read More about Tioman Turtles
Try 4 Cambodia

Try 4 Cambodia GC works with Kampuchea Balopp in Phnom Penh, an NGO that uses the sport of rugby as a means to educate children about social inclusion, respect, teamwork, gender equality and a healthy lifestyle. They work with more than 600 children each week, both disabled and able-bodied, and empower them through structured activities. 

Read More about Try 4 Cambodia
Ummeed GC

Ummeed GC is a Global Concern that strives to empower and help children in Mumbai with developmental disabilities. We work closely with our partnership NGO, Ummeed, which is a child development center that provides specialised care for children with developmental disabilities such as downs syndrome and autism. 

Read More about Ummeed GC
Voices for Refugees Focus Group

Voices for Refugees is an advocacy Focus Group which gives students the opportunity to discuss and take action on issues of importance where disempowered groups have been denied a voice. Students would plan and organise events to both raise awareness among our community and to encourage people to have a voice and make their opinions heard. 

Read More about Voices for Refugees Focus Group
Waterford Kamhlaba Service Support

Waterford Kamhlaba Service Support (WKSS) Global Concern supports a variety of service projects at our sister school, Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (UWCSA) in Eswatini. 

Read More about Waterford Kamhlaba Service Support