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The level of music making in the College is outstanding, with students performing at an exceptionally
 high level and a significant number progressing to careers in music. The curricular music programme is supported and extended by the Activities programme, available from Grade 2 to 12. The goal of the Activities programme in music is to provide students with a path to pursue music at increasingly high levels, by enabling them to get involved at their individual ability level and giving them opportunities to perform.

The UWCSEA Music Departments coordinate a wide range of instrumental and vocal ensembles and provide facilities for all kinds of music making. There are both participatory and auditioned ensembles, allowing everyone the opportunity to take part, while providing the more advanced students the opportunity to make music at the very highest level.

All of the College’s ensembles and choirs take part in regular concerts.

Instrumental Teaching Programme

The Music Departments on both campuses bring together some of Singapore’s finest musicians to provide a comprehensive scheme of instrumental teaching, which in available to students in Grade 2 and above. Students on both campuses have the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments through the Instrumental Teaching Programme (ITP), which starts in Grade 2. High School students do not need to be enrolled in the IGCSE or IB Music courses to enrol in regular instrumental lessons. 




UWCSEA Instrumental Teaching Progamme - provate music tuition - exapended in 2018/2019




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