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A vital part of student life and learning, Activities are one of the five elements that make up our holistic learning programme for students of all ages.

Founded on the notion of breadth of opportunity as well as mastery, students have the chance to develop new skills, explore new interests, pursue their passions and be successful beyond the classroom. The myriad opportunities encourage connections across age-groups and school sections as our students interact with like-minded peers.

Self-discovery and self-management are key outcomes of participation and engagement in the opportunities on offer under the seven different categories we identify:

Arts and Performance

Activities that promote visual, auditory and movement expression. Originality, collaboration and perseverance are important skills.

Mind Matters

These activities require students to inquire, question, make connections and extend their understanding. Mind Matters focuses on problem solving, analysis and evaluation in a variety of different settings with age-appropriate support.

Create and Innovate

These activities encourage students to unleash curiosity, generate new possibilities and alternative ideas. Students are encouraged to be original, adaptable and to improvise whether working with engines, food or robotics.

Wellness for Life

These activities will develop an understanding of the relationship between a healthy body and a healthy mind. The value of self discipline, awareness and confidence are important aspects as you invest in your body and mind.

Learn and Lead

Communicate and lead through collaboration in diverse settings. You will assume shared responsibility and resolve issues whilst working with others. Flexibility, adaptability and cooperation will be required to develop trust and influence as a leader.

Dover Phoenix or East Dragon Sports

Representative sports promote confidence, resilience and determination throughout a wide variety of competitive sports on offer. Commitment, dedication and sportsmanship are essential components of sport.

Home Languages

These activities develop students' language ability in their home language through games, discussion and collaboration with peers. They are taught in ability groups by teachers qualified in the language using resources developed to support literacy skill development.

How it works

Students sign up for each of the four seasons each school year via our online system, which allocates students based on their preferences. Parents are able to view their child's activity commitments, together with their academic timetable, via our portal and app. 

An overview of UWCSEA's offering of ECA/CCA and lunchtime activities, a vital part of the UWCSEA learning programme





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