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IB and (I)GCSE results

UWCSEA Dover has been authorised to offer the IB Diploma since 1977 and UWCSEA East since 2012. Both campuses offer the (I)GCSE as preparation for the IB Diploma. The (I)GCSE is an excellent preparation for the IB Diploma Programme and its assessment process. The performance of UWCSEA students in the (I)GCSE exams shows a strong correlation with subsequent IB Diploma point scores, which supports students in making realistic subject choices for their futures, knowing how they are likely to perform in the final examinations.

IB Diploma results 2017

UWCSEA Dover Class of 2017 IB Diploma results

In July 2017, the fourth cohort of UWCSEA East students to complete the IB Diploma graduated and joined our alumni community, with a 99.2% pass rate.

UWCSEA East Class of 2017 IB Diploma results

(I)GCSE results 2016

The May and June 2016 (I)GCSE examinations saw 66.6% of the UWCSEA Dover cohort receive  ‘A* - A’ grades, while the ‘A* - C’ grade figure was 96.8%.  

UWCSEA Dover IGCSE GCSE results 2016

The May and June 2016 (I)GCSE examinations saw 62.2% of the East cohort receive 'A* - A' grades, while the 'A* - C' grade figure was 97.1%.

UWCSEA East IGCSE GCSE results 2016

ISC = Independent Schools Council



UWCSEA College-wide IB Diloma statistics for Class of 2017