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Dover Leadership Team

The Dover Leadership Team (DLT) is the leadership body for the Dover Campus. Made up of Principals, Vice Principals, the Heads of Outdoor Education, of Activities and of Service and the Director of Boarding, the DLT provides guidance and direction to the Dover Campus departments and curriculum leaders. The DLT is responsible for implementing the College and Campus strategic plans.


Frazer Cairns
Frazer Cairns
Head of Dover Campus

Frazer Cairns started his career as a management consultant and journalist after graduating from the University of York in the UK. He retrained as a science teacher and subsequently taught in the UK, Indonesia and Switzerland. Having worked in international schools for most of his career Frazer is particularly interested in the way language is used in multilingual educational settings. He continues to study and contribute to research in this area, holding both Masters and Doctorate degrees in education.

An ex-runner, Frazer enjoys sport, particularly mountain and road bike racing, despite his knees not being what they once were. He is also a keen snowboarder and mountain walker though both are quite difficult in Singapore. Frazer is married to Rebecca and has two children, Matthew and Hannah, both of whom are at the Dover campus.

Frazer Cairns
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