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Board of Governors

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UWCSEA benefits from a highly experienced Board of Governors. The role of the Board is to set directions, establish policies, ensure accountability, and provide leadership to improve the learning environment for the students at the College. The Board draws a clear line between governance and management and operates at a strategic level. It does not involve itself in the day-to-day running of the College.

The Board is made up of members elected by the constituencies of Interested Parties and by members elected in a personal capacity (Ad Personam) by the Board acting as a Nominations Committee. There are also some members selected to represent various organisations who are not subject to election.

The Board meets formally four times a year. Between meetings, Board Members are expected to serve on one of the five Board Committees (Audit and Risk, Education and Talent, Engagement, Finance and Infrastructure and Governance). Board Members may also be asked to assist with matters on an ad hoc basis.

At meetings, Board Members are expected to base their views on an impartial assessment of the available facts and hence act and vote according to conscience and judgment. On a less formal basis, Board members support College events and functions, and are advocates of the College within the wider community.


Anna Lord
Anna Lord
Chair of Governors Board

An Irish citizen, Anna moved to London after university to work as a banker at Dresdner Kleinwort Benson. After a few years working for Goldman Sachs, she decided to leave the banking industry when her eldest daughter was born. Since 2002, she has had the privilege of spending most of her time raising her four children.

The family moved to Hong Kong in 2006 and relocated to Singapore in January 2009, when Emma joined one of the first Grade 1 classes at the Ang Mo Kio Campus of UWCSEA. Emma is now in High School, and has been joined by her brother William, who is in Middle School and Ciara, in Junior School and the youngest, Alice, who is still in Infant School.

Anna and her husband Nick were attracted to UWCSEA by its reputation for marrying academic excellence and values-based education. They firmly believe in and are committed to the ethos of the school. Anna is actively engaged with their children's education, as well as with some of the school's global concerns, social and fundraising events. She enjoys working with the Board of Governors to ensure that UWCSEA can maintain its place as a premier international school. She has chaired the Audit, Finance & Engagement Committees, as well as having sat on the search committees to find our Head of College and Director of Finance.

In her free time, Anna enjoys good food and wine, photography, skiing, travel and working on her French.

Anna Lord
Vivek Kalra
Carma Elliot CMG OBE
Kim Teo '76
Surinder Kathpalia
Caroline McLaughlin
Benjamin Detenber
Priti Devi
Margo Encarnacion
Subodh Chanrai '82
Heinrich Jessen '86
Pamela Kelly Wetzell
Mark Porter
Sajjad Akhtar
Seng Chee Ho
Heather Carmichael


Audit and Risk Committee Education and Talent Committee Engagement Committee Finance and Infrastructure Committee Governance Committee Committee of Chairs
Surinder Kathpalia Heather Carmichael Priti Devi Sajjad Akhtar Subodh Chanrai Anna Lord
Board Members
Heather Carmichael Carma Elliot Caroline McLaughlin Vivek Kalra Carma Elliot Heather Carmichael
Margo Encarnacion Seng Chee Ho Carma Elliot Carma Elliot Surinder Kathpalia Subodh Chanrai
  Benjamin Detenber     Heinrich Jessen Priti Devi
  Margarita Encarnacion     Pamela Kelly Wetzell Surinder Kathpalia
  Mark Porter     Kim Teo Sajjad Akhtar
          Andy Budden
WT Cheah Sumitra Pasupathy Steve Okun Philip Motteram Ruby Lee  
Dimple Sanghi Brian McAdoo Leon Toh Tara Garson Flower    
Jonathan Forth     Sharat Sinha    
      Rahul Raj    
      Prabhat Ojha    


Academic Board Examination Board
Carma Elliot Carma Elliot
Elizabeth Bray Elizabeth Bray
Graham Silverthorne Graham Silverthorne