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Workshops and Resources

The College runs a regular series of workshops to develop understanding of the role of technology in our students lives and also as forums to discuss issues. The following is a list of presentations that have occurred across the College. 

From AY2016/17:

Tuesday March 7th 2017 - 10:30-11:30am
Dover Campus Conference Centre
We will explain and showcase some of the strategies that we are sharing with our students, to help them become effective researchers in a digital world. 
To access the list of essential research databases or to ask questions please access the following links. You will need to sign into our school portal with the parent details to access the first list of databases and passwords. 
Kurt Wittig - MS/HS Teacher Librarian (Dover)
Tuesday Feb 28th 2017, 10-11am
Dover Campus Conference Centre
This workshop will look at strategies that we recommend to students to find a balance in their digital life. We will look at methods of self-control and organisation to help students whilst doing homework and using their laptop. We will finish by unpacking strategies and tools that parents can use to help track and have informed discussions about their child’s laptop use. 
To access and install our two recommended apps please click below and follow our guides.
Focus App - for student self control and blocking
Rescue Time - for tracking time and usage
Andrew McCarthy - Asst Director of Learning Technologies
Karen Cockburn - Middle School Vice Principal (Pastoral)
Tuesday Feb 14th 2017, 10-11am
Dover Campus Conference Centre
What should parents know about Instagram? Should you be concerned about Snapchat? What are some appropriate uses of social media for teens? This session will unpack the rising use of social apps for sharing photos and communicating among young adolescents and provide parents with practical tips to begin conversations with their child. 
For comprehensive guides on the many different social apps, please visit the excellent Australian eSafely website
Andrew McCarthy - Asst Director of Learning Technologies
Karen Cockburn - Middle School Vice Principal (Pastoral)