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Self Directed Learning

The following resources have been developed by our Digital Literacy Team. Each set of resources is designed to help teachers utilise some of our favourite online tools and software to enhance student learning. If you have suggestions for further articles get in touch with one of the Digital Literacy Coaches.

Pathbrite for student reflection and portfolios
Pathbrite is a free portfolio tool that we are exploring with some of our High School students at Dover Campus. It is a simple 'container' where students can connect artifacts of learning and tell stories. Students seam to like to simple nature of the tool and the mosaic and dynamic label views.
Communication, Self Manager
Kahoot quizzes for revision and assessment
Kahoot is a ridiculously popular tool with students. It is a games based quiz tool which is similar but different to Socrative where students get points when they get an answer correct and also points based on their speed in responding.
Formative Assessment
Sound Cloud for commenting on audio
SoundCloud is a unique tool for providing precise feedback on student recordings in English, narrations, podcasts, compositions from Music etc. The excellent commenting and reply functions support effective feedback loops, and students receive clear notifications via email
Communication, Formative Assessment
Assignment and feedback in the Online Learning Platform
The Online Learning Platform has assignment function which allows you to collect in student work. This tool can help you save time and provide meaningful goal directed feedback on student work.
Formative Assessment, Online Learning Platform
Posting and Formative Assessment in the Online Learning Platform
Creating a post to communicate with your students, can substitute for a email. If used effectively posting can also help you encourage student involvement, and also elicit evidence of understanding.
Communication, Formative Assessment, Online Learning Platform
Export iBook to GDrive
Export your iBooks author file to an iBooks file that can be saved and shared in Google Drive.
Communication, Creativity and Innovation, Readers and Writers Workshop
Turnitin - Using Originality Reports
Students can use Turnitin originality reports to check for areas of concern in their own work. In this article and screencast, we look at how to use the Turnitin originality report as a tool to support learning and self-awareness in students. There is no threshold value (other than 0%) in the similarity index that means your writing as passed the plagairism test. Teachers and students need to use the report to look through each item that's flagged and make decisions based on what's highlighted.
Critical Thinker, Self Manager
iMovie on the Mac
iMovie on the iPad is super easy to use - even our Grade 1 students can do it! Learn the basics with our iMovie for iOS tutorials, and read about a successful inquiry in Grade 1, where students made use of iMovie on the iPad to teach their classmates about how to play safely in the infant playground.
Communication, Creativity and Innovation