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Parent Resources

Advice for Parents

Here is a list of our top resources for parenting kids in a Digital World. These are from a variety of sources, including our Digital Literacy Blogs and other media outlets. The top pieces of advice we can give are:

  • Discuss the use of digital devices with your child(ren), not just as a one off, but as an ongoing conversation. You ask them where they are going and what they are doing when they step outside the door - do the same for their digital comings and goings
  • Set clear expectations and limits on their use, there are many templates for family agreements including these ones from Common Sense Media
  • Be informed, read the school policies, sign-up for newsletters from organisations like Common Sense Media (below) and/or read parent guides
  • Be a good role model, exhibit the restraint and control that you are asking of your child(ren) in your own use

Common Sense Media
The Common Sense Media group publishes an excellent range of articles on a weekly basis about Digital Media and Digital Citizenship issues. The website is full of wonderful resources for families; including information about gameswebsites,movies, and other general advice for parents. You can also subscribe to a weekly email from the website.

Check out the new Common Sense Media Back to School guide.

Finding Balance
This was an article published on our Dover Campus, Digital Literacy Blog. The focus for the article is about helping students to find balance in a digital world and to help parents understand some of the strategies that their child could use to remain focused and efficient with their time.
Dealing with Distractions
This was an article published on our East Campus, Digital Literacy Blog. It explains five practical tools that students can use to self manage distractions in their digital life, including iProcrastinate, Self Control and setting up a Study Buddy. Our IT Support Team at each campus team can help students set up any of these tools.  
The Ups and Downs of Social Networks
This post by our Digital Literacy Coach, Jeff Plaman is an insight into the widely varying experiences that teens have when participating in social networks ranging from very positive to horribly cruel and everywhere in between. It is based on the latest research from the Pew Research Center and there ongoing Internet and American Life Project.    
Modern Parenting Guides
Scott Steinberg is an expert on parenting and has written extensively about parenting around technology issues. He is releasing a series of free guides for parents around a number of topics, the first being Kids and Video Games.

iKeepSafe Parent Resources
The Internet Keep Safe alliance (iKeepSafe) is an international organisation providing advice and resources around the safe use of the internet for children. They have a dedicated parents page with lots of resources.