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New Staff Orientation

As a group of new teachers to UWCSEA, you will likely arrive with a huge variety of experience in using technology to support student learning. Our Digital Literacy team is there to help you in the first few weeks as you understand our school systems. Over the first term and into the future, you will have lots of opportunities to work with one of the Digital Literacy Coaches to help with your professional growth.

The following resources will be help you get up to speed with our key college systems, and your new MacBook Air.

Your first session when you collect your laptop will cover the bare essentials, with later sessions providing in-depth information about how we use Google Apps to collaborate. Our Teacher Tech Admin Essentials document, is a comprehensive list of all of the online tools you will need to use as a teacher at UWCSEA. During your first year you will slowly come to grips with these tools, but don't be freaked out just yet.

The first week essentials...



Your new MacBook Air:

Every staff member receives a new MacBook Air when they arrive at the college. In the Infants and Primary school, students have near 1:1 access to iPads moving to 1:1 access to MacBooks in Grade 2-5. In the Middle and High School every student has a MacBook which they own and bring charged to each class each day. If you are new to using a Mac the Digital Literacy Coaches will help you get up to speed when you arrive. Every laptop is on a three year replacement cycle and covered by warranty and insurance. See the teacher laptop agreement for more information.


The UWCSEA Portal and College Systems

This is the password protected part of our school website, that all staff, students and parent can access. The portal provides access to school notices, timetables, class lists and many other systems. Make sure you bookmark this page, as you will come here to do attendance, complete reports or to view information relating to your children if you're a parent at UWCSEA.

  • To download the College Systems presentation from your orientation click here.
  • if you in Primary School key systems include Hapara Teacher Dashboard (used to manage Google Doc sharing) and Google Sites
  • If you are in Middle or High School teacher we use a bespoke Online Learning Platform developed by Teamie

Your school GMail account:

GMail is an integral part of our organisation and together with the notices in the UWCSEA Portal form our internal communications ecosystem.

  • You can access your GMail from the portal or via the following link with your school username in the format
  • You can email any staff member or student by typing their name into the address field. If you need to email an entire class you can do this directly from our CIMS system.
  • Go to GMail settings cog and then general and scroll down to add a picture of yourself. This will help our other teachers remember who you are.
  • You can also create your email signature from this page.
  • If you are new to using GMail the following resources from Google are super useful: GMail Learning Centre
  • Most staff use the web version of GMail as this provides easy access to our email databases.
  • You can choose to use an email client like Apple Mail if you wish. The staff at the IT Support Desk can help configure.


Google Drive for storage and collaboration:

Google Drive is a cloud based document storage solution that the college uses to store curriculum resources. Staff are also use this to back up files and to collaborate with colleagues and other students.

  • You can access Google Drive from the following link with your school username and password 
  • You will also need to install the Google Drive app for your laptop to enable the backup function. Click here for instructions
  • If you are new to using Google Drive the following resources from Google are a great start: Google Drive Learning Centre.
  • Every grade or subject has a shared folder in Google Drive for shared curriculum resources. When you meet with your Head of Department or Head of Grade, make sure you are granted access.


Google Calendar:

Every staff member uses Google Calendar to help manage their time and to book meeting times with others. It is a key tool to help the school run smoothly and links to our other central calendars for events.

  • You can subscribe the the relevant school calendars using the information shown below.
  • A key step is to first import your timetable to your Google Calendar from our CIMS system. You set up the import from within the UWCSEA Portal. See instructions in the presentation below.
  • You can access Google Calendar and also your GMail on nearly any smart phone by adding you school account to your device. IT Support can help if you need assistance.