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College Technologies Policies

The College has several official agreements pertaining to laptops issued to students in Grades 6 -12, all of the agreements are provided in full below. However to give you a quick overview and to allay a number of common misconceptions please check out the single side of key points.

Please note that all of these were written with significant community involvement and are under constant review.

At the bottom there is a guide for parents on the difference between an admin account and a managed account, as well as how to enable admin accounts.

College Policies

College Laptop Management Policy

This policy lays out the ethos and rules for the general management of the College laptops issued to students in Grade 6 -12.

Parent Learning Technologies Agreement

The agreement signed by parents before their children can collect a College laptop. This includes the financial arrangements for the laptops.

Middle and High School Student Learning Technologies Agreement

The agreement signed by students in Grades 6-12 before they collect the College laptop. Please note that the agreement covers the use of any digital device in College.

Primary School Student Learning Technologies Agreement

The agreement signed by students in the Primary school to govern their use of devices in school.

Parental Controls

In general the College has an ethos of developing personal responsibility in students and ultimately we believe that it is essential for students to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to survive and then thrive in a digitally connected world. So we do not recommend using managed accounts and parental controls as the default or starting position. Rather we suggest that you allow your child the privilege of an admin account and only withdraw this later if they have proven incapable of demonstrating the self-control needed.

  • For a general discussion about Parental Controls please see this blog post from our Digital Literacy Team.
  • For a guide to setting up an admin account and a managed account please see this guide.
  • For details on what settings you may wish to enable and how to do this please see this guide.
  • For a detailed overview of Parental Controls from an external source please see this article and video from MacWorld.