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Explain Everything and Google Drive

Using Explain Everything with Google Drive on the iPad is an incredible combination. It's not always a great idea to ask students to work from blank screens, it's often useful to give them all a head start by setting up a slide or two for them. This way they focus on the learning intention, rather than wasting time finding the right image, or typing in text that you've just written on the board.
Here's a short video to show you the process:
As you can see from the video the steps are as follows:
  1. On your iPad in Explain Everything, set up the slides you want your class to start with.
  2. When it's ready, export the project to your Google Drive as a project (not as a video), it will be an xpl file. 
  3. You should be able to save it straight into any folder in your Google Drive, like a folder you've already shared with your class.*
  4. Now you can just ask your students to open the file in their Google Drive app, when they do, they'll have the choice to open it with an app, they choose Explain Everything, 
  5. That's it, now they have their own copy in Explain Everything, ready to learn.


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