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Programmes Overview

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IDEAS Hub programme rationale and overview


This aims to provide a rationale and structure for the programme that the IDEAS Hub will seek to develop and deliver in order to realise its mission: To provide a place that inspires and supports our community to explore, innovate, collaborate and create sustainable solutions to shape a better world.

Programme Elements

Working backwards from the mission we can devise a hierarchy of elements that are needed to support community members through a process or cycle from exploring, collaborating, innovating to creating sustainable solutions in the real world. These are:

  • Developing core skills
  • Being inspired and exposed to new ideas
  • Being guided and mentored through developing real, sustainable solutions
  • Aligning our purpose with the UWCSEA Strategy 2018–2023

Breaking this down further, we can create a list of specific activities under each heading that we need to provide:

Develop Capacity     Inspire and Inform Help Growth
Access to the space and resources Presentations from relevant speakers Provide a pool of mentors and connect people
Self ­study, just in time training and learning materials Showcases, physical, virtual, show and tell sessions Provide in­-depth incubator support
Training courses Artist in residence Guide and Mentor
Tapping in various information sources Events, such as Maker Days, Hackathons, Open Days Experience through kinesthetic learning

The UWCSEA IDEAS Hub Programme overview

IDEAS Hub Programme overview
Areas and topics for content

Now that we have a set of activities, we need to determine the areas or topics that these activities should cover. Based on the guiding statements, we can easily identify these topics as a starting point:

  • Rapid Prototyping (Computer Aided Design and 3D Printing)
  • Physical Construction (Making) with various materials and tools
  • Textiles
  • Cooking
  • Coding and App Development
  • Robotics and electronics
  • Video / Film Making
  • Songwriting, music
  • Creative Writing, storytelling
  • Entrepreneurship inc Sustainable Financing
  • Social Enterprise, what defines it and how it sits within a spectrum of organisational approaches

Taken from “Financing Civil Society, A practitioner’s view of the UK social investment market”, Venturesome, Sept 2008