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UWCSEA Rainforest Restoration Project

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Dover Campus
East Campus

The aim of the UWCSEA Rainforest Restoration Project is to increase the biodiversity of trees on the UWCSEA campuses as well as in the Singapore community. The trees are all indigenous to Southeast Asia or are naturalised here in Singapore. While planting these trees, a secondary aim is to also increase the awareness of the cultural/historical significance of the trees with the local and college community.

The GC started UWCSEA Dover in 2005 (originally as Rainforest GC) with funds for the nursery, tools and horticultural supplies donated by members of the UWCSEA community in return for trees planted in their name. Since then, we have now expanded significantly especially with regards to outreach by attending events such as Earthfest and other non-campus based gatherings with the wider Singapore community. One our largest projects to date was completed recently, a seedling project with Yale-NUS that spanned multiple years and yielded interesting results. A current project of ours is the ongoing progress to upgrade the GC working space, which will allow us to operate with increased efficiency. Another project we are currently undertaking is a native seed project with NUS.

Dover Campus

This is a High School Global Concern.

East Campus

This is a High School College Service on East Campus, and linked with Enviornmental Initiatives run through the Sustainable Developoment team.

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