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Protecting trees for future generations

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Students on East Campus get directly involved in the Rainforest Restoration Project, funded by a generous gift to the UWCSEA FoundationThe Rainforest Restoration Project is part of a wider initiative in support of environmental sustainability at the College. This project contributed to the redevelopment of the dedicated tree nursery at Dover Campus as well as the establishment of a new nursery on the East Campus, which opened in June 2014.

The installation of a water-efficient irrigation system allows the College to create conditions that are suitable for rigorous academic research and ensuring higher survival rates of seedlings. The funding also allows us to purchase specific equipment and materials for propagation, research as well as expeditions to gather seedlings in the wild. As of December 2014, the nurseries are home to nearly 1,000 seedlings of mainly vulnerable and critically endangered rainforest species. In addition, we continue to raise varieties of indigenous fruit trees and Singapore emblematic trees to plant on the UWCSEA campuses and at a number of other schools around the island.

This project brought with is an opportunity for  High and Middle School students to undergo nursery training programmes at the Singapore Botanic Gardens Plant Resource Centre, and the use of specimens for research and presentations during the Grade 5 Exhibition of Learning. at the end of each academic year. Dedicated teams of High School students are involved each week working in the plant nurseries, and also use the nursery and specimens for academic purposes, for example in their IB Biology coursework.

An increasing number of scholars are also involved in the project, with the aim that they will take what they have learned to develop, and contribute to, similar schemes in their home countries. We hope to expand this project to more students across both campuses, to develop qualities and skills that will directly contribute to a sustainable future.

This project was made possible by a generous gift made to the College by a member of our community. "The gift has turned a good idea into reality, allowing the College to come closer to its ambition to develop the skills and qualities in students that are needed to build a more sustainable future - a future where practical environmental stewardship becomes a major part of every child's education," says Nathan Hunt, Environmental Leader and Head of Theory of Knowledge, Dover Campus.

Read more about the work of the Rainforest GC group on Dover Campus here.

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Libby Orr
Communications Manager
UWCSEA Foundation

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 16:00