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Visiting authors support writing workshop

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During this academic year, students in the Primary School at UWCSEA Dover were thrilled to meet ‘real life’ authors. These authors shared the books they have written and talked to the students about the strategies they use as a writer. Exposure to ‘real’ authors has helped support our students with creativity in their own writing during ‘Writing Workshop’ and the love of reading.

Sarah Mounsey visited in September and May

Author Sarah Mounsey, who lives in Singapore, has been into school to work with K1, K2 and Grade 2. Sarah is the author of two picture books, ‘Purple Paw Prints’ and ‘Paw Prints on the Magic Sofa’. Sarah used props to captivate the audience while she read her books. She demonstrated the writing process using her own journal to show the students how to take their ‘first ideas’ and work with them through the writing process to the final product.

'Words Go Round 2013 Visiting Authors'

'Words Go Round' is part of the Singapore Writers Festival 2013 school programme, which brings writers into schools.

Author Carl Norac talked to Grade 3 students about his picture books. Carl received his first literary prize at the age of 18, which is also when he started to travel widely. His children’s books are sometimes inspired by these travels that took him from sandy deserts to icy, arctic wastelands. Prior to devoting himself to writing, Carl worked as a teacher, scriptwriter and journalist. In addition to poetry and plays, he has written about 50 children’s books, with his most recent work being ‘Big Bear, Little Brother’ in 2010. The students really enjoyed hearing about how everyday events provided Carl with the inspiration and ideas for his books.

Author Cristy Burne gave a lively and interactive presentation to the Grade 5 students. The hall was filled with laughter as Cristy brought her characters to life. Fascinated by science, history and culture, Cristy draws on Japanese myths and legends in her series of adventures, 'Takeshita Demons', 'The Filth Licker' and 'Monster Matsuri'. Cristy has worked as editor of Scientific Magazine, as a presenter with the Shell Questacon Science Circus, and as a science writer at CERN, in Switzerland, when they switched on the atom-smashing Large Hadron Collider. Cristy lives in Perth, Western Australia, and thinks that fact is often stranger than fiction.

Jacqueline Harvey visited in March

Jacqueline Harvey spent the day in school with the Grade 3 students as they looked to generate ideas for their own 'realistic fiction' stories in Writing Workshop. Jacqueline lives in Sydney, Australia and is the author of the 'Clementine Rose' and 'Alice-Miranda' series. As a published author for over ten years, she has delivered hundreds of talks and workshops including the Sydney Writers’ Festival, Children’s Book Council events and the renowned Somerset Celebration of Literature on Queensland’s Gold Coast. In 2012 she toured Australia, the United States and England for four months speaking to thousands of children aged 4 - 14 years. A natural storyteller, Jacqueline told her own story with passion and humour of how she came to be a teacher and writer. Audience participation and drama had the students engaged as Jacqueline shared the development of characters, settings and plots pertaining to her books and ideas for the future. 

Comments from Grade 3 following the workshop with Jacqueline Harvey:

  • "She was very funny so that encouraged me to be a writer" - Milla
  • "She impressed me and it made me want to read her books" - Annette
  • "She inspired me to try more than once, because she tried more than 20 times to get it right" - Geetanjali
  • "She got me to really think about the ending of my stories" - Joel
  • "She made me think that anyone could be a writer" - Frank
  • "She gave me better ideas and inspired me for my endings" - Steffen
  • "She inspired me to make it more descriptive and long" - Austin
  • "She inspired me to chase my dreams.  Don't wake up and be old!"- Anjali
  • "She inspired me not to give up no matter how hard the story was" - Hayley

Sally Rippin visited in March

During Book Week, Australian author / illustrator Sally Rippin worked with students across all grades in the Primary School. Sally was born in Darwin, Australia but grew up in South East Asia. As a young adult she spent three years studying traditional brush and ink painting in Shanghai and Hangzhou, China. Sally now lives in Melbourne where she writes and illustrates children's books for all ages. Her most recent books include the 'Billie B Brown' series,'Hey Jack!' series and 'Angel Creek'. In February 2013, Sally published 'Meet Lina' the first book in the 'Our Australian Girl' historical fiction series. As usual the highlight of the week was ‘Dress-up Day’ where children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters.


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