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Graduating surrounded by family

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Many of our scholars travel great distances to take up their places at UWCSEA. Spending time away from home often meant missing out on special moments with loved ones. One incredible gift to the College made it possible for six of our East scholars’ parents to attend their child’s graduation ceremony in Singapore – giving our scholars the special opportunity to celebrate this milestone surrounded by family.

Pablo Cortés, Scholar from Chile, Class of 2016
“It was the first time my mum flew out of Chile on a plane. The gift made it possible for her, not only me, to experience what I have done for two years, and to fulfil her wish of seeing me graduate from high school.”

Kristin Botnen, Scholar from Norway, Class of 2016
“This act of kindness not only warmed my heart, it has inspired me to always be kind and giving. I’m so grateful for the fact that my mum was able to see me at my graduation ceremony and celebrate my accomplishment with me.”

Sia Cecilia, Scholar from Sierra Leone, Class of 2016
“I couldn’t believe that there was even a possibility of my sister to come see me at graduation. We are so grateful for this generosity and having someone from my family to cheer me on as I graduate, it made my graduation more special.”

Kimheang Chham, Scholar from Cambodia, Class of 2016
“Coming from a small village, I always wanted to show my family how big the world really is. Having this opportunity was the greatest gift for us as a family and to have them around for my graduation, made the day very special.”

Ajna Kertesz, Scholar from Hungary, Class of 2016
“Spending two years away from my mother was difficult and even though she was the closer than anyone else to me, it felt so distant. By giving her this opportunity to come and see me graduate, you enabled her to be a part of my life again and share this incredible moment with me.”

Ani Muradyan, Scholar from Armenia, Class of 2016
“Thank you for letting me summarise my experience in UWCSEA with the most important person in my life – my mother. Your act of kindness not only makes me happy, it also inspires me to become the person who will help others tomorrow.”

A gift of any amount can make a significant impact on someone’s life. Your gift can make a difference. 

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 09:15