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Going green in Singapore

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On Friday, 8 March, UWCSEA Dover celebrated the conservation of the environment. LEAF GC (Local Environment Action Force Global Concern), other environmental groups and the High School Round Square Committee teamed up to host one of the most successful Green Days UWCSEA has had to date. Global Concerns are small student groups dedicated to raising funds and awareness for small grassroots organisations across South East Asia and around the world. UWCSEA has over 60 Global Concerns that focus on either Education and Health, Children, Environment or Empowerment. They are all student-led and student initiated.

LEAF Day began with a 'No Drive Day' where everyone who doesn’t take the school bus was encouraged to take a greener form of transport to get to school, whether it was walking, biking, hopping or busing, instead of a car or taxi. We were extremely pleased to see a vacant driveway at the usual peak hour, counting only 280 cars out of the usual 700. Following the success of our first ‘No Drive Day’, there are now plans to make this a more regular event; the next one was held on Wednesday, 29 May. This will hopefully encourage more students and teachers to take a greener form of transport more often, if not every day.

At lunch, a ‘thrift shop’ was opened and second hand clothes were sold. Leftovers were sent to a charity in need. After school, a Green Fair was held where Environmental GCs sold ‘green’ merchandise.

During the day, there was also an ‘I Will if You Will’ campaign in preparation of Earth Day 2013 which included someone getting a tattoo of a tree in return for 25 students bringing in tumblers for a whole week! Amongst all this, tree tours enlightened participants with information about each of the campus’ trees. In total we raised over S$2,000 that will go towards sustainable environmental projects.

All the events that took place on this day made us proud of the enthusiasm on campus for creating a greener and more sustainable environment! We hope that this will inspire and encourage other Round Square schools to do something similar.

UWCSEA Dover High School Round Square Committee

Photos by Karin Goh, Grade 11 student



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Saturday, July 6, 2013 - 17:45