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Volunteer job descriptions

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Responsible for stopping the watch at the end of each race. (The race will start automatically with the starter). They then write the time down on the result sheet, as back up, and hand it to a runner. They must also ask for each swimmer's name before they race to make sure they are in the correct lane.


Will start each race with the command "Take your marks, ." All watches will start automatically and can be stopped by the timekeepers.


Summons swimmers to blocks and whistle before handing over to the starter. Oversees the officials and deals with disqualifications. The DQs will be sent to them after each race and the referee must then hand these to the announcer's assistant.

Stroke/Turn judge

Watches every race and makes sure stroke and turn rules are adhered to.

Event marshal

Works in the marshaling area and makes sure each child is in the correct order before their race.

Event marshal board

Write on the board which event is currently being marshaled.


Sits at the announcer's table and calls out each race. E.g., "Event 101 is the mixed 400 metre freestyle." When the race starts they will announce each child and their school in name order, e.g. "In Lane 1 Michael Phelps from UWCSEA East."

Announcer's assistant

Take turns with the announcer to relieve his/her voice. He/she will also operate the computer score board. He will also receive and announce previous race DQs then hand them to the computer programmer.


Will operate the music system while the races are on and turn it off for the start of each race.

Computer programmer

Responsible for all the entering and calculating of results, withdrawals, etc.

Student team manager

Organise the swimmers and send them to the team coaches before they race. They will make sure swimmers are marshaling for their race at least 10 heats in advance


Prepare and sell food for snacks. Jobs will include: take money, serving BBQ food and chips as well as a local option.

Tuck shop

Will sell and take money for food, snacks and drinks throughout the course of the meet. This will go hand in hand with catering helpers.

Programme sales and medal table

Selling meet programmes to buyers when necessary. Also responsible for handing out the medals to winners. Runners will bring a list of results and when the swimmers come to collect their medal, the results must be checked and the medal winner iwll be crossed of that set of results.

Ribbon marshal

Will hand 1st, 2nd, 3rd ribbons to swimmers after race.


Photocopying operator

Will run off copies of results during every race. These will then be handed to a runner who will distribute them to designated areas.


Will take results and post them around designated places in the arena (balcony, poolside, announcer's table, medal table). Will also be responsible for filling up cups of water and handing them round to officials and coaches.

Photographer/Social Media Uploader

Will take photos of the meet and upload them to Picasa and Dragons Website during the course of the competition.