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Sports administration and contacts

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The College has a well-organised and experienced group of staff in charge of administering the sporting programme on each campus.

Each sport is organised by a designated sports coordinator for each section of the school, who plans the annual programme in coordination with the Director of Sport.





Director of Sport and Activities Mike Staples 6775 5344 ext.1600
Activities Coordinator Ahmad Masran 6775 5344 ext.1606
HS Sports Coordinator Luke Diaz 6775 5344 ext.1607
JS and MS Sports Coordinator Amir Boucenna 6775 5344 ext.1617
HS Sports Administrator Nazliza Tomari 6775 5344 ext.1601
JS and MS Sports Administrator cum Coach Jazreel Tan 6775 5344 ext.1612
Sports Admin Executive (Sports Trips) Sharon Tan 6775 5344 ext.1603
Gymnastics Administrator Fae Gesmundo 6775 5344 ext.1626
Head of Swimming Kris Gilchrist 6775 5344 ext.1623