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The College takes out insurance with Chubb for overnight trips to cover loss of luggage, personal belongings, medical treatment etc. The detail of the policy is available for viewing by clicking here.

International SOS (iSOS) Cover

ISOS provides UWCSEA with advise and emergency support related to serious incidents (eg political disruption, injury) when overseas. The College pays an annual fee for worldwide coverage; the cost of this level of service is necessarily high and UWCSEA recoups part of the cost by charging a daily rate to students for every day they spend out of country on College organised trips.

Sports handbook

The Sports Handbook provides additional information beyond what is provided by the sports website. Most of the College's sports policies are included in this document. The handbook is reviewed annually by the College Executive Board.

Essential agreements

This paper outlines the commitment to sport that is expected of both UWCSEA and student athletes.