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Building features

Cross-section showing proposed location of facilities with the new High School and Adminsitration BlockThe High School building will be the home for key sections of the High School and central administration. Planned facilities include:

Level 4

Drama Centre, including five drama studios and a theatre; Examinations Hall for up to 370 students

Level 3

Up to 14 classrooms; plus flexible space that can be used for school events and conferences

Level 2

Head of College's Office, Finance and other administration offices, Boardroom, Library and High School Study Centre

Level 1

Main entrance to school, Reception, Admissions Department, Head of Campus' Office, High School Offices, Counselling Department, University Advising Department, the Alumni and Foundation Offices including a Heritage Centre, and a cafe.

Covered walkways will connect the building with the rest of the campus

Level B1

Car park, pick-up and drop-off points, including an underground connection to the Music Department and Andrew Bennett Theatre