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Middle School, Dover Campus

Message from the Middle School Principal

On behalf of the Middle School Leadership Team it is my pleasure to welcome you and your family to Middle School at UWCSEA Dover Campus.

Middle School teaching and learning sits at an exciting yet precarious moment in the life of our students. On the cusp of adulthood, they simultaneously seek independence from, as well as the support of the adults in their lives. Our Middle School learning programme is purposefully designed for this significant period of transition. We strive to ensure that our students have a strong sense of belonging, together with increased opportunities for independence and responsibility. A core team of specialist teachers who understand the developmental needs of this age group work tirelessly to help each student to realise their potential.

Student well being is paramount to the Middle School experience and is the focus of our personal and social education. We help each student gain a strong sense of who they are and guide them to make informed choices that have a positive impact on their future. They learn to face challenges and are prepared to ‘try again’ in a supportive and nurturing environment. Used appropriately, the integration of technology into the curriculum is a powerful means to transform learning. Recognizing that young adolescents can behave impulsively, we educate them about the benefits and pitfalls associated with growing up in both the ‘real’ and digital world. 

Elizabeth Bray
Middle School Principal






UWCSEA Dover Middle School Overview




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