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Boarding at Dover Campus

Message from the Director of Boarding, Dover Campus


Greetings from Dover boarding! 

It is a pleasure to tell you more about boarding at Dover Campus, and I do hope you will take the opportunity to see first hand all that we have to offer. At Dover Campus, we have provided generations of boarders with a culturally rich boarding experience that nurtures students' self-management, self-discipline and leadership. We aim to provide an outstanding residential experience, in which boarders make friends from all over the world, making their ‘home from home’ in our spacious, excellently resourced campus, close to central Singapore and all its amenities. 

Our two vibrant boarding houses—respectively named after Nelson Mandela as the UWC movement’s honourary president and Kurt Hahn as its founder—are friendly, comfortable and inviting, with private outdoor gardens in which to unwind. In true UWC spirit, our boarders thrive in this close-knit, caring international residential community, made up of 50 different nationalities; parents frequently tell us how their son or daughter has become so much more independent, assured and self-reliant since joining boarding at our campus.

In learning how to live with each other, and through their participation in numerous activities, events and trips, our boarders not only grow and flourish as individuals, but as members of our boarding family. 

In line with Kurt Hahn’s inspiring vision of an integrated multi-national residential experience, Dover boarders share a room (with ensuite) with peers from other countries. Our highly experienced team of house staff ensures that boarders feel supported, both in terms of personal well being and academic progress; similarly, our 24-hour clinic ensures that professional medical support is immediately at hand. UWCSEA’s exciting iLearn programme is a key part of the Dover boarding experience, and we provide all necessary technical infrastructure and support, reflecting our commitment to 21st century learning. 

There is so much to do in Dover boarding—whether it is study, making new friends, cultural activities or taking part in trips or sports! Boarding at Dover Campus has served our boarders and their families over five decades, and we believe we offer an exceptional, transformational boarding experience. If you would like to arrange a visit, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us. 

Simon Dean

Director of Boarding







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Dover Boarders' Garden
Nollywood room
Common room
Nelson Mandela Library

Kurt Hahn Lounge

Chocolate Room

Study Room




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