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Scholars add to the overall diversity of the College by sharing their culture, their community and their stories with fellow students. While they are benefiting from the educational experience at UWCSEA, they are an asset to the College; as ambassadors for their country, they share their life experiences and world view with our community. They bring a fresh perspective to their fellow students and the whole community, and their commitment to making the most of the opportunities means that they are actively engaged in the school community.

Most scholarship students come to UWCSEA to complete the IB Diploma in Grades 11 and 12. Scholarship students are selected through the national committees, which operate in over 130 countries worldwide. While scholars must meet the demands of the Academic programme, they are also selected on the basis of their commitment and potential to have a positive impact on the local and global community.

A small number of students are selected directly by UWCSEA in partnership with organisations in the students' home countries. These are generally three or five year scholarships that commence in Grade 8 or Grade 10.

Each process allows the selection committee to take a holistic view of the student and understand their potential to contribute, support and participate fully in the life of the College.

There are currently 102 scholars at our Dover and East campuses representing 55 different countries.



Ludmila Cardoso de Brito (Brazil, Class of 2013)

“The people from my national committee told me once that UWC is like a line that bends our lives towards our dreams. I can now see what they meant by this. UWCSEA is a place where you learn how to learn and where you realise that the world doesn’t need to be changed, it needs to be improved.”
“I believe that I am now much more open-minded, much more aware of the world around me and much more appreciative of my fellow human beings. My actions and pathway from now on will always be taken following the values I learned and the opportunities I had. It is here where you actually realise that you can do big and great things in this world.”
“Thank you for changing my life and opening my eyes to hope and belief.”

Miguel Bernardino Abrao da Silva Guterres (Timor-Leste, Class of 2013)

Miguel joined UWCSEA three years ago as Foundation IB scholar in Grade 10, and explains the impact he feels he has had on the College:
“Helping my country and my community were the dreams I always had before coming to UWCSEA. Since my first year, I have been very active with service and feel this has had a big impact on my life. I have seen people helping different communities both in Singapore and overseas, something I had not seen before. I joined Initiative for Peace (IfP) where I learned so much. I helped facilitate IfP in Timor-Leste so I could help my fellow students there think about change and how to start helping their community by carrying out their own initiatives.”
“This is the place where you can find people always helping others, learning from each other's cultures. Thanks to everyone who helped make my dreams so clear—they get brighter and brighter each day.”

David Immanuel (Namibia, Class of 2013)

"I will start this off with a brief story of my background—well, I grew up in the dusty streets of Katutura in Windhoek, Namibia. Life was not easy at all; as a matter fact, it was really hard. I never saw myself getting an education anywhere else than in my community. Because of this I felt trapped inside a bubble. But all of this suddenly changed the day I got a phone call telling me that I had been selected for a UWC scholarship!”

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