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Widhya Asih trip to Singapore

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Widhya Asih trip to Singapore

In April 2018, Grade 4 students were lucky to have nine children from Bali come and visit UWCSEA Dover for a whole week. These children are supported by the Widhya Asih Foundation, a group of child care centres which the Grade 4 Bali Bridges GC supports. These children left Bali for the first time and came all the way to Singapore - in fact there were lots of ‘firsts’ including, first time on a plane, train and even an escalator! As you can imagine, this was an incredible experience for all of us. They came to improve their English, learn about life in an international school and at the same time teach us about their culture including Balinese dance and of course some Bahasa. They shared that this was an incredibly eye opening experience plus it was lots and lots of fun! Read on to find out more about this trip.

Since this was their first time leaving Bali and coming to such a bustling city like Singapore, we decided to give them an unforgettable adventure that they would never forget. On their first day, they went to the church at Star Vista which was an amazing experience. After that, they went to the luge course on Sentosa where they had great fun racing each other down the slopes. They visited Sentosa beach where they swam in the sea,  jumped over the beautiful blue waves crashing against the soft sand and built gigantic sandcastles. On their final day here in Singapore, we took to them on an unforgettable visit to Universal Studios. The sea of people greeting them and the spectacular rides made it the most incredible day.

As part of their adventure, they got to learn what a week in the life of an international student was like. The main idea of this trip was for them to learn how we learn and to also teach us some things too. They experienced English, Maths, Reading, PE, Art and Music. As you can imagine it was quite hard for them with the language barrier. They switched round all of the Grade 4 classrooms, doing different lessons in each. To make it easier for them they went round with a friend. Even though they didn’t speak our language fluently, they managed to join in and be included. While they were here we had a Circle Solutions lesson. This was the first time they did this so they were pretty interested. Although they were shy at first, they were soon joining in with big smiles. To share a bit of their culture, they taught us some Bahasa and did a special Balinese dance - girls went one day and the boys another.

Lots of activities happened while the children were here. They had so much fun learning how to create a 3D print and weave mats at the IDEAS Hub, swimming with Mrs. Stephens,  basketball for the first time with Mr. Adcock  and, one of their highlights of the whole trip, was trying Martial Arts with Mr Belliveau. They definitely had to think a lot when it came to the treasure hunt and use their knowledge from the tour they had at the start of their trip - everyone got a prize!  There were lots of activities and all of them really made their experience fun. Thanks to all of the teachers who helped out.

At the end of the wonderful adventures it came time to leave Singapore to go to back to beautiful Bali. Everyone in the Junior School who met the children from Bali felt crestfallen and wanted them to stay longer in Singapore. But we couldn’t change the present to the past. So the children left Singapore, with self created iMovies as a memento of their time here. To help our friends from Bali, the Bali Bridges ECA is making teaching videos to send across to Bali to help the children continue to develop their English. This is a time in all of our lives where we learned about each other and our different cultures and we realised that we are all just children living in different circumstances.


16 Jun 2018
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