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UWCSEA Foundation - a scholar story

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UWCSEA Foundation - a scholar story

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."
-Nelson Mandela

When German educator, Kurt Hahn, founded the first United World College, Atlantic College in the 1950s, he believed that much could be done to overcome religious, cultural, and racial misunderstanding if young people from all over the world could be brought together in the formative years of their life

We need future leaders who know and understand one another and who are inspired to make a difference. The purpose of the UWCSEA Scholarship Programme is to support young people of great promise and potential, from a range of different backgrounds and countries to be part of the vibrant UWC community.

Later this month 42 scholars will graduate alongside their fellow Grade 12 classmates. It will be a memorable experience and one that many of them once thought was far out of reach. Each of our scholars has a unique story to tell about their time at the College and here we are highlighting Nawal's story.

“Being the only hijabi in my grade was a big difference from my old school. I hope I had an impact of my fellow students as to how they​ perceive Muslim women and Islam in general. The discussions I had with my classmates on Islamophobia and how we can improve the state of the world were encouraging and motivating. I was very moved when my friend wore hijabs to school on World Hijab Day, in support of women facing discrimination because of their choice to cover.

UWCSEA has involved a lot of intercultural learning that is paramount in this time and age where the world is becoming rapidly globalised. I hope to always be aware of the cultural differences that exist amongst us and to use our differences to unite rather than divide.

I am deeply humbled by your generosity in seeing me through the last two years. Not just generosity in terms of money, but in kindness and compassion. I was welcomed, loved and cared for so well. I thank you for allowing me to become a better version of myself, to be an ambassador of my country and to be a force for change in our future world.

I was able to find a home away from home. As I count the days until the end of my UWC journey, I promise myself this will not be the end of me carrying the UWC values.”

After graduation, Nawal '17 from Kenya will attend the New York University in Abu Dhabi.

UWCSEA Foundation logoGifts to the College through the Foundation allow UWCSEA to expand the reach of the Scholarship Programme and provide an enriching learning experience uniting people, nations, and cultures. ​Make a Gift today. 

5 May 2017
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