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UWCSEA commemorates International Women’s Day

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UWCSEA commemorates International Women’s Day

Beyond celebrating the achievements of the women’s movement both locally and globally, International Women's Day (8 March) presents an unmissable opportunity to take stock of the many ways our society can do better to improve the lives of women and girls everywhere. With many students at UWCSEA deeply engaged in social justice, our own community offers a thriving environment to facilitate these critical discussions about gender.

How have UWCSEA students promoted gender equality? Here is a round up of the different activities and initiatives our College community organised to fight the good fight! 

Film screening: Girl Rising

Student-gender advocates at Dover organised the screening of Girl Rising, a documentary film commemorating the incredible power of girls’ education.

Bake sale for Red Traffick Light GC 

Some UWCSEA Dover High School students organised a fantastic bake sale in support of Red Traffick Light, a High School Global Concern that works to support and empower survivors of human trafficking. 


Informative displays 

The Tent Plaza on Dover featured informative displays on women's rights around the world, while the Dover library featured a display of recommended reads in line with gender equality, feminism and social justice. 


Focus group 

Generation. Education. Period (G.E.P) is a UWCSEA East student-led Focus Group dedicated to sustainable solutions for girls and women who face period poverty and discrimination. In this video, they posed a simple question to students and staff, "What do you take for granted?", to reflect on freedom from period discrimination and stigma.


Student voices

From girls' access to education to women’s political engagement to the simple ways we can challenge one another's prejudices, some Grade 11 and 12 students from Dover Campus share their perspectives on the pressing issues facing women today.

"I feel very strongly about girls' access to education, because every child in the world should be empowered through education. By educating girls across the world, we will not only make gender equality a more viable thing, but it would further progress our society in every way." Emma, Grade 11 

"Seeing the potential of so many women and men around the world being limited by access to education, or inequalities in healthcare systems, that's one of the primary drivers on why I'm extremely passionate about gender equality. There's so much potential for a world where all genders are equal, and we're just on the cusp of achieving that. Kickstarting discussions in your school or workplace on gender inequality is one step towards making positive change, advocating for people who've lost their voice. No matter how small your action is, as long as you are advocating for people, and keeping the fire alive, that's what you can do to keep us moving forward." Maya, Grade 12 

"I'm a part of several GCs, including Tabitha, which is about empowering local communities, specifically women, through its different programmes. I'm really passionate about the representation of women in positions of power and the normalisation of that - for example, representation in government and in corporations." Ella, Grade 12 

"I have witnessed that there's not only sexism amongst boys and how they treat their boys, but there are also moderate anti-feminist feelings among some of my friends who have a warped vision of what feminism is. I probably would have the same views if not for my friends who have shown me exactly what feminism stands for, and role models in my field of interest, like Alan Rickman and other pro-feminist actors and activists." Stephen, Grade 12 

"If you look at the statistics of it, when there's big earthquakes or natural disasters, women are disproportionately more affected. With the 2004 tsunami, women were three times more likely to be affected because of their circumstances and because more women live in poverty. I think people in positions of power can focus their energies into that." Hila, Grade 11 

"My wish for International Women’s Day is for people to talk about inclusivity; this day is for every woman – trans women, women of colour, migrant women, homeless women, and every woman whose daily struggle is amplified by the fact that they’re a woman.” Rhianna, Grade 11 

Happy International Women's Day to all, and may we keep striving for true gender equality!


11 Mar 2019
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