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UWC Day: A celebration of unity and a rallying call for change

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UWC Day: A celebration of unity and a rallying call for change

The spirit of “Generation Greta" flows through the UWCSEA community every day, but much of this was especially witnessed at the UWC Day celebrations across both East and Dover on Friday, 20 September.

Themed 'Climate of Change' this year, UWC Day is a chance to honour and put into practice the values and mission that unite the UWC community around the world: of peace, sustainability, positive social change and a better world.

Through workshops, science experiments, a spot of community gardening, exhilarating performances and informative displays, the school came together to put into motion the values of sustainability which we expound daily.

Infant School students buddied up with High Schoolers to exchange stories of hope, what it means to be changemakers and activists. A Sustainability Fair was held at Dover, where students staged a powerful 'die-in' to call for the urgent action needed to tackle climate breakdown. On East, younger students painted messages of change on rocks and mindfully explored the green spaces around the school, and Environmental Stewardship learning areas, where their decorated rocks stayed to beautify our green spaces.

Through rousing speeches by students and staff, the UWCSEA community was encouraged to not only collectively continue these conversations beyond UWC Day, but to put our words into action in the fight to protect our environment and the communities who are most vulnerable to the effects of climate breakdown - women, communities of colour and low-income communities.

UWC Day is a once-a-year opportunity to unite and commemorate the work we do every day to build a better world. Here's to a stronger movement, a better world, and a sustainable and peaceful future - and to the future generations of UWC students and allies around the world who will make this happen alongside us. 

Learn more about UWC Day.

Check out the photos from UWC Day below!



#uwcsea_east was emblazoned with students in colourful national dresses, coming together in unity to proudly celebrate this year's theme for #UWCDay: Climate of Change. Our students came together to explore what it means to be activists and changemakers, and to protect the environment they're in. With climate justice movements growing around the world, and the effects of climate breakdown intensifying for communities of colour, women and low-income communities, it's more important than ever to stand together to honour and practice #UWC's values and mission of peace and a sustainable future. Today, the school assemblies celebrated to the rhythm of 'Kita Bersatu' — We are united — to commemorate this special day. Thank you all for inspiring us to build a better world! @UWC_IO #uwc #uwcday #uwcsea#educationlikenoother#internationaleducation

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#UWCSEA_Dover celebrated #uwcday today with an array of educational, entertaining and immersive activities and workshops to the theme of Climate of Change – a spot of gardening, informative assemblies, science experiments, mindful exercises and a Sustainability Fair where students staged a 'die-in' to symbolise the urgency of climate emergency. More than ever, social and political change and unity are needed to tackle climate breakdown; our #UWC values and mission are committed to making these changes happen. We're proud of our #UWCSEA community for taking a bold stand in the face of a growing global rallying call to build a better, more sustainable and peaceful world! @UWC_IO #climateofchange #uwcsea #educationlikenoother #internationaleducation

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20 Sep 2019
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